What To Do In Italy

What To Do in Italy - 125 Travel Bucketlist Ideas Beyond the Postcards

Italy has a passion for the unique and there is no need to follow a standard route. Every region has its highlights and local is always best, wherever you go. Inspired by the personal experiences of Italy's top travel designers, these moments are rarely available anywhere else.

Accommodation Experiences in Italy

Sleep inside history and embrace fashionista styles, as you discover the experiential places to stay in Italy. You can really live the heritage, in converted palaces, convents, royal retreats and palatial getaways. There is serenity, draped along the water and perfect for a few days away from crowds. Then there is convenience, as you can stay deep inside World Heritage Sites, at city hotels basking in their old and new glory.

Discover Italy's Magnificent Historical Cities

Italy has more history than anywhere else. Even unremarkable dots on the map are glorious odes to past centuries. So much has happened in Italy's cities and you need expert guides to truly understand the stories. Wander lanes of cobblestone and charm, go behind the scenes in labyrinthine old towns, and discover living histories.

Driving Iconic Italian Roads

Italy is the home of Ferrari, Vespa and so many other iconic names. Driving can be part of the experience, whether it's revving a motorbike across the Misano World Circuit or taking a vintage motor deep into the Tuscan hills.

Intimate Italian Wine Experiences

Vineyards stretching across verdant hills, decadent cellars inviting intrigue, and famous vintage wines opened up just for you. What to do in Italy isn't just taste wine. It's to go into the depths of wine culture, with winemakers, cellar-masters and opulent food and wine pairings.

Life is Splendid When Cruising Italy's Waters

In a country enveloped by the Mediterranean and crisscrossed by canals, life in Italy has always hinted at the water. Cruise the coast in a private yacht, gondolier through Venice, and cross Italy's magnificent lakes. Life is simple and serene on the water, and these moments are a great complement to cultural experiences.

What to Do for an Active Italy Experience

Italy is more than culture. And often Italian culture is best discovered via the outdoors. There are also a number of active moments to add to your bucketlist, including the majestic Path of the Gods.

Behind the Scenes of Italian Culture

Italian culture is something you can feel. Even the Italians are continually exploring and discovering. And you'll find that it's the small details that create authenticity here. For every mass-market coach trip there is a special place that only the insiders know about.

Discover Italy from Above

Oh Italy, how beautiful you appear from above! Think Tuscan vineyards, soaring volcanoes, ancient cities, and a coastline that morphs into the realms of surreal. Then add some of these aerial moments to your bucketlist.

More Ideas for What To Do In Italy

Every Italy vacation can you take in a thousand different directions. Cocktails, shopping, architecture, palaces? Craft your dream Italy bucketlist and a travel designer will turn that list into a realistic itinerary.