Experience Rare and Unforgettable Travel Moments Around the World


Add travel moments to your travel bucket list by tapping any gold heart. Find and save inspiration for future trips.


Kated’s bucket list planner is 100% free to use. Just create a free account.


Use your bucket list to plan a trip, whenever that may be. Kated can also find a travel designer to help you.

Experience authentic travel moments, tailored to your interests and wishes.

That’s what most of us want. But it’s hard when mass tourism takes over…

  • It’s impossible to distinguish genuine moments from tourist traps, amid the confusing plethora of options
  • It’s difficult keeping track of all the ideas and opportunities in your travel bucket list
  • You want to experience more than the guidebooks and blogs, but don’t know reliable and skilful locals to help

Kated will help you to find dream travel moments, save and organise them in your travel bucket list, and source a local partner who can design your dream travel.

Why you should use kated?


Handpicked travel moments

Kated partners with local travel designers, to curate rare and authentic moments for 50+ countries.


Travelers in our community

We give you the clarity to focus on what you really want from travel. Join, be inspired, share your passion for travelling differently.


Travel designers at your service

With a free account you have access to a unique network of travel professionals with exceptional local knowledge. You’re always backed up by our Kated guarantees.

How it works

Your Travel Bucket List

Explore rare and authentic travel moments. Add them to your bucket list. Focus on what you really want, not what others suggest you must do.

Connect With a Travel Designer

Kated will connect you straight to the source. A leading travel designer will personally tailor your trip – no group tours or tourist traps.

Book Your Dream Trip

Customise your hand-created trip down to the tiniest details. Only book when you’re happy with everything.

How are we Different?

We don’t operate tours or sell products. We’re here to provide inspo and take a backseat, so you can travel your way and experience rare authenticity, all around the world.


Luxury isn’t just swanky hotel rooms. Our premium is on experiences most people can’t even imagine.

No Agents

We remove unnecessary intermediaries and the one size fits all approach.

Vetted Experts

You’re connected directly to independent local providers, who offer first-class service and a focus on the unique.

No Mass Tourism

Leading travel designers can’t adjust a trip to mass-market products. They’re the world’s best so a trip is always high-end.

No Fees or Commission

You get exactly what you pay for. The provider avoids a hefty commission previously lost to middlemen.

24/7 Support

Our travel designers will support you every moment of the day, for complete peace of mind during your trip.
Kated facilitates an authentic, mutually beneficial relationship between travellers and travel designers.

Kated facilitates an authentic, mutually beneficial relationship between travellers and travel designers.