Extraordinary Travel Is Created, Not Only Customised

Kated is the members only travel club for creative, luxury travel. We make extraordinary travel easy and fun. We’re the travel club for people who love to travel and love to plan holidays that are worth their precious time. Members can plan their ultimate trip, with the real experts, the local travel designers who will also operate their trip.

How to Travel Different


Discover the latest, members-only experiences. Be inspired by personalised recommendations. Membership is free.


Use the Kated trip planner in your Bucketlist. Contact the world’s best local travel designers and plan a perfect trip.


Plan with as many specialists as you want. Book and pay for complex, tailored trips, with multiple specialists, all in one place.


Your entire trip is 100% protected. Reschedule when needed. Travel confidently and flexibly, in an ever-changing world.

Pssst...There's a Whole Lot More As Well

We could tell you about how you can arrange never-to-be-repeated experiences with travel designers. Or how you can share bucketlists and trips with your travel partners. Or all the benefits of the Kated Quality Assurance. But you need to be a member to enjoy to discover all the benefits.

Who Are Travel Designers & Why Are They Different?

Travel agents are based in the country you are travelling from. They claim to be experts because they have “been there.” They can send you anywhere, but they don’t create or operate your travel experience.

Travel designers live in the destination you are travelling to. They are the travel suppliers on the ground, creating your travel experience in the place they know best.

We’ve created partnerships with the world’s leading travel designers. These specialists do not usually create trips directly for individuals – they work with travel agents instead. Until now.

This direct connection creates holidays that are absolutely unique and more enjoyable for everyone. It’s easy to book and the trip is fully protected – a win-win for both travelers and travel designers.


Celebrating the real experts and providing a platform for local travel specialists to show what is possible.


Local is always best when it comes to travel. Acknowledging and rewarding local experts improves the quality of tourism.


Your travel money stays in local communities, creates jobs, and shares tourism's benefits more widely.