Are you a travel designer?

Kated facilitates a direct connection between leading travel designers and high-end travelers. We believe in authenticity over intermediaries and we’re challenging mass-market mediocrity and it’s obsession with quantity.

Selectivity creates value on both sides of our platform. Kated delivers pre-qualified, high-travel-intent leads direct to travel designers. In turn, we provide travelers with travel designers who deliver a genuinely extraordinary travel experience.

Kated is an invitation only platform for select travel designers. Discuss your enrollment with Stepan Borovec, Director of Partnerships. [email protected]

Kated is free for the best travel designers

Access to the Kated platform is free for travel designers. We believe that upfront costs and membership fees are barriers to providing quality and authenticity. Travel aggregators and marketplaces typically reward those who pay the highest rates. Our gatekeeping is solely based on the quality of service that travel designers provide.

We handpick the best experts and specialists for each destination, and do not oversaturate the platform with more designers than is necessary for our market. We don’t ask travel designers to compete for the same business, because we are confident that we can identify the most skilled local designer for every individual trip.

Who is a travel designer?

  •     Travel designers specialise in the city, region or country they are from.
  •     They only plan trips to places they know, the places they call home.
  •   They use local knowledge and local connections to create something memorable and unique for every visitor.
Travel designer moments

A creative platform for luxury travel

Explore all the travel moments on Kated to understand what travel designers can organise for travelers
Palacio da Bolsa, Porto

After Hours Stock Exchange Palace Tour With Dinner & Fado

Steam Boats, Lake Titicaca

Charter a Victorian Steamship on Lake Titicaca

Street Food, Antigua

Antigua Street Food Tour

Scuba Diving, Bazaruto

Bazaruto and Benguerra Scuba Diving

Burj al Arab Afternoon Tea Experience

Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea Experience

UAE (Dubai + More)
Bishnoi's tribal woman sits with her daughter in front of the house, village near Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The Bishnois is a eco friendly sect of Hindu religion. It is one of many Rajasthani communities, which is famous for their rich cultural life and their true love for nature and animals.

Bishnoi Village Visit With Traditional Ceremony

River kayaking

Kayak the Amazon

Blue-footed Booby (sula nebouxii) on Isla de la Plata, Ecuador.

Isla de la Plata Wildlife Safari

Drive a T55 or T72 Tank

Drive a T55 or T72 Tank

Czech Republic
View on Fuego Erupting, Acatenango

One-Day Acatenango Volcano Expedition

Italy - Tuscany - Montepulciano - cellar for aging the wine in oak barrels

Brunello di Montalcino Vertical Wine Tasting in Val d'Orcia


San Gimignano Horseback Riding With Lunch & Wine

Lamborghini Driving Experience

Drive an Italian Supercar on the 1000 Miglia Route


Drive the Singapore F1 Circuit In a Supercar


Aboriginal Kuku Yalanji Culture Tour

Maori carving at Rotorua, New Zealand. Photographed at Te Puia Visitor Centre. [url=file_closeup.php?id=12575142][img]file_thumbview_approve.php?size=1&id=12575142[/img][/url] [url=file_closeup.php?id=9359380][img]file_thumbview_approve.php?size=1&id=9359380[/img][/url]

Powhiri Maori Welcome on Titiraupenga

New Zealand
Tabanan Regency, Bali

Balinese Soul Reflection Journey

Sushi Art

Decorated Sushi Making Class in Tokyo

Manga painter.

Manga Drawing Class in Tokyo

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What Kated does for travel designers

At Kated our focus is always on quality, not quantity. You only pay us after you make a sale. And we will only deliver a lead when we’re confident you can make a sale.

We know that planning a fully tailored itinerary takes a lot of time. As senior industry professionals you need to be paid and rewarded for your time. We won’t pass on a lead unless it is a pre-qualified, high-spend traveler, demonstrating a genuine intent to buy.

Travel aggregators and online marketplaces typically reward those who pay the highest rates (in commission or membership fees), or sell the highest volume of products. Our gatekeeping is solely based on the quality of service travel designers can provide.

We handpick inbound travel specialists for each destination, and do not oversaturate the platform with more travel designers than is necessary for our market. We will never ask travel designers to compete for the same lead, because we are confident we can identify the most skilled local designer for every individual trip.

Kated celebrates travel designer expertise

Travel industry marketing usually rewards those who shout the loudest, pay the most commission, or create the flashiest website. Yet the substance behind this rowdy marketing is mundane, and too often the service is a nonentity. The really good travel companies and designers are hidden beneath aggregators and race to the bottom mass market offerings.

Kated celebrates travel inspiration and authenticity. It’s a space to promote and celebrate the real experts and the true possibility, for a select group of travelers. If you’re the best at what you do, we want to celebrate your expertise.

  • A free mobile-friendly space to celebrate your products
  • A creative space to test interest in new travel products
  • Access and exposure to our community of more than 500k travelers
  • Support to make your content and itineraries look awesome

We’ll set up your Kated profile on our platform and celebrate your expertise. We need content from you. We need to know what you do, where, and why it’s special for high-end travelers. We’ll promote this on the platform and we will leverage your unique experiences to build our community of inspired travelers.

How do you join Kated as a travel designer?

Our focus is quality. You can’t pay to be on the platform. You don’t pay to be more visible. We need to ensure that you can deliver a genuinely VIP experience for Kated’s high-value travelers. That’s why access to Kated is usually by invitation or recommendation.

However, we’re trying to change travel for the better and appreciate that there are some exceptional senior professionals we do not know about. If that is you, contact our Head of Partnerships & Sales, [email protected]