Travel Can Be Extraordinary...So Why It Is Often So Average?

Traditional travel agents and online platforms promote the best-selling products in the best-selling destinations. It’s generic and standard, even if you have an unlimited budget – who wants to be doing the same trip as everybody else? Travel is so much more than that.

Travel is about the connections you make, the experiences you can change and the experiences that change you. Travel is about an experience unique to you yet the entire travel ecosystem is about selling more of the same. Are you not bored of generic travel products?

Everyone travels differently. Everyone has their own bucketlists. Kated is not a travel agent. This is a platform where local travel designers share their creative and extraordinary travel ideas. We connect you directly to the local travel designer. This same travel designer creates and operates your trip, exactly how you want it to be. It’s a trip nobody can else arrange and nobody else can experience in the same way.

Travel Different


Locals always know more. Discover untapped potential of destinations. You set and help evolve future travel trends.


Go direct to the source and skip middlemen, agents and corporates. Keep profits local, where they belong, with the creators of excellent, new travel products.


Don't settle for one-size-fits-all, off-the-plan experiences. Don't buy somebody else's trip from a travel agent. Travel the way you want with local travel designers.


Book via an established UK travel company with 100% legal and financial trip protection. Go local without taking risks.

Wait...Travel Designers and not Travel Agents? What’s the Difference?

Traditional travel agents and online platforms can book you a trip to anywhere. They are based in the place you are traveling from. They are “specialist” only because they have visited a place you want to go.

Travel designers are based in the place you are traveling to. They don’t sell the best-selling products but invite you to their home. They are the real travel experts – they live there and they will be your host!

A travel agent is interested in everything that happens before you depart. Book with a travel agent and your details are sent to one or many travel suppliers in your destination. A travel agent isn’t responsible for the quality of your experience – it’s the people who host and guide you that make the difference.

So imagine if you could create a trip directly with the local designer? And when you touch down in the destination, that same local designer is the host who guides you. By building a direct relationship before you travel it’s much easier to get a truly personal experience.

You get something more creative, sustainable and local. And by booking with Kated you benefit from all the coverage, experience and support of an established UK travel company.

How Can I Trust a Local Travel Designer?

It’s important to remember that you already trust local travel designers. A travel agent doesn’t take you on a trip. A travel agent books your trip with local travel suppliers. So you trust the agent to get it right, but you’ve never met those suppliers before your trip has started. And you don’t know if that local travel supplier is the best for you.

Connect directly to a local travel designer and you can make a decision before you go on the trip, before you even book. It’s just that something can go wrong and it is difficult to trust somebody on the other side of the world. That’s where Kated comes in.

We make it possible for travellers to book secure, financially protected trips with outstanding travel designers from around the world. By booking via Kated you book with a UK registered travel company, get complete UK trip protection (legal and financial) and the Kated Quality Assurance.

Kated Quality Assurance

Only the best travel designers

Handpicked for their geographical authority, industry reputation unwavering 5* feedback.

Your trip money is held in a trust account

Payment for the trip is held in an independent trust account and only released upon trip completion.

Impartial Meditation

If there are any disagreements with the travel supplier we provide impartial mediation, just like a travel agent.

Money-Back Guarantee

We promise a money-back guarantee covering the first $10,000 if you’re not happy.

100% UK Legal & Financial Protection

Book via an established UK travel company with 100% legal and financial protection.

Travel Different

Everyone travels different. Some travellers want a package covering absolutely everything. Other travellers want to plan and do their own trips, without any assistance. Kated is a platform for creative travel, sharing the inspirational ideas from the world’s best travel designers. It’s a platform where every traveller can plan, book and travel their way.

Enquire about an experience or itinerary and you will be connected to the local travel designer. Or you can use our free trip planning tool to build your own trips.