Balsamic Tasting With the Owner at Villa Sandonnino

It’s balsamic, not balsamic vinegar. In Modena you get the pure stuff, an unfermented grape juice that’s spent many years aging in small oak barrels. 

You only need a small drop, a tiny amount of this syrupy liquid gold. Complex flavours hit your palate and the aftertaste lingers on and on. Balsamic is very much misunderstood around the world, mostly because people buy balsamic vinegar, a mix of balsamic and acidic vinegar. 

At Villa Sandonnino you will tour a farm and cellar with the owner, discovering how pure balsamic is produced. Taste the difference between vintages, including rare 50-year-old balsamic. And find out why the best balsamic can only be bought in Modena, directly from the source.

This experience was created by
Andrea Becciolini
Italy’s number one travel designer if you want to drive fast Italian sports cars. Andrea designs custom experiences for Kated members - whatever you want to drive, anywhere in Italy.
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