What To Do In India

What To Do In India - Create Your Travel Bucketlist

Just like Hindu god Brahma, India has many faces, each unraveling a colourful fusion of new moments. What to do in India is to not do the same as everything else. This country offers magical landscapes, captivating culture, immersive spirituality and an endless feast of history and food. And like Brahma, the moment infuse a kaleidoscopic blend of enchantment and sensual indulgence. Nowhere you’ve ever visited before will compare and as you craft a travel bucketlist, pull out moments from all the country's corners.

What To Do In India's Betwitching Destinations

India is a feast for the senses. But it is not one India. This is more a continent than a country and every region, every city, displays remarkable originality. A travel designer will talk you through the best transport connections, so you can build an itinerary that embraces these contrasts. Here are some moments to get you excited with what is possible.

Where to Stay in India

Just a handful of ideas, showcasing how Indian accommodation does not reflect some of its stereotypes. This is a country of palaces and revering royalty, where you can indulge in some of the planet's most unique, luxury stays. A travel designer will tailor your itinerary with accommodation that suits your style, using handpicked collections of hotels and palaces, including those with only one guest suite.

Immersed in the Real India - Culture, Spirituality and History

India has its own style, but which side of India will you find? The culture is ever-changing, local guides taking you to incense-filled temples and majestic mazy streets. History speaks to you, revealing a millennia of change. And there is no country that can touch your soul as completely as this one.

Moments With India's Fabulous Art and Architecture

Art is an opportunity for you to travel even deeper into local styles and heritage. What to do in India is not sit on the sidelines and watch the art, but to get involved with workshops and artisans. There's so much to discover when you look beyond the original facade.

What To Do In India - Indulge in the Food

Nowhere makes food like India. And even if you're not too fond of spice, you'll soon learn to explore exotic scents and impressions. The culinary journey is always part of the Indian experience and these moments are just a flavour of what you can savour.