South America Trip of a Lifetime

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Six weeks in South America – the trip of a lifetime! It may not be possible now but it’s great to dream 🙂

This trip of a lifetime visits six countries over six weeks, giving you a complete immersion in South America and the continent’s diverse destinations.

Get cultural in Colombia, explore the Galapagos Islands, discover Machu Picchu, meet gauchos in Argentina, hike in Chilean Patagonia, and helicopter over Rio. These are just some of the moments that feature on this remarkable six-week route

Days 1, 2 & 3 - Cartagena

Cartagena and the Caribbean Scenic Helicopter Flight


The urban sprawl of Cartagena’s colonial streets comes to an abrupt halt as the land meets the azure waters of the Caribbean. It’s an incredibly stunning metropolis, a juxtaposition of old and new. With this travel moment you will enjoy it all from above. On this helicopter scenic flight you’ll have complete control over what you want to see. You can point out the areas that ignite your interest, while the pilot helps narrate magical views of the city and sea below.After flying over a blue expanse you can stop for lunch at one of the Caribbean islands. This is a truly exceptional experience from both land and sky.

Cartagena Cooking Class with a Famed Restaurant Chef


You’ll be learning the very best of Colombian cooking in this master class. As you step inside Celele, a cutting edge and now world-renowned Caribbean restaurant, you’ll be under expert instruction from the ground-breaking chefs behind the menu. You’ll learn how to prepare a three-course meal, combining fresh traditional ingredients and passionate innovation to create a delicious fusion of culinary dishes. The mouth-watering result will leave you with an understanding of what it is like to cook and work in a famous kitchen, along with a new appreciation of the flavours and techniques used in Caribbean Colombian cooking.

Bowl of Ceviche and Cocktail, Cartegena

Ceviche and Cocktail Tour through Cartagena


Gain an authentic insight into the Cartagena nightlife scene. Begin your evening outing by sampling some of the best ceviche in the city. Colombia has turned Peruvian-invented cured raw fish into its own art form. You’ll learn the secrets to creating this tastebud tingling dish from a top city chef.  Then you’ll move onto the best cocktail haunts with an in-the-know local. One of the top mixologists will show you their perfected concoctions, before you taste their top-class drinks. It’s a night of fabulous flavours at the city’s coolest establishments, in the old and new parts of the city.

Cartagena Island Hopping Yacht Charter


Allow yourself to be seduced by the crystal-clear azure waters and mesmerising beaches of the Caribbean. Make a spontaneous decision to detour to a secluded bay or dive into bliss, to admire an underwater world come to life through your snorkel goggles. On this private yacht charter, you are your very own captain and you get to decide how and where to explore the Rosario Islands off the coast of Cartagena. Kick back on the deck with a mojito and feast on fresh lobster for lunch. This day is all about your own exclusive adventure in the Caribbean, with the opportunity to stop and explore different islands and beaches.

Casa San Agustin Cartagena


This historic hotel is built around a 300-year-old nunnery and aqueduct. And it will feel like the perfect oasis from the vibrant streets of Cartagena’s old town. The deep roots of the building’s history are carefully preserved, alongside a pool that's fashioned underneath the old aqueduct in the hotel’s centre. Tear yourself away from the poolside and the onsite restaurant, Alma, is a destination in its own right. Its seafood speciality makes it one of the finest places to dine in the city. The balance of history with modern touches at this hotel, provides a perfect precursor for exploring the lively, yet historic city of Cartagena.

Days 4 & 5 - Medellin

Art of Botero Walking Tour through Medellin


Explore the city of Medellin through the eyes of one of Colombia’s best-known artists, Fernando Botero. As you walk through the city with an expert guide, you’ll discover the life and works of this incredibly distinctive artist and sculptor.You’ll visit the Museum of Antioquia where more than 100 of Botero’s paintings are on display and the Plaza de las Esculturas which is home to over 20 of his statues. You’ll come to recognise Botero’s signature style of exaggerated and inflated figures, as well as his political criticisms and humour through his art. It’s a purposeful walking tour of an interesting city, complete with local resident Botero’s artistic flair.

Paragliding Over Medellin


The incredible cityscape of Medellin stretches across the folds of the narrow Aburra Valley. Completely enclosed by green rolling hills, the city sprawls outwards against the odds of the sloping landscape. To fully appreciate the unique capital of the Antioquia province, you must see it from above.As your paraglide catches the wind, you’ll soar above the ground to take in panoramic views of the mountains and city below. You’ll get to appreciate Medellin for its urban development, as well its beautiful natural surroundings. With safe and experienced paragliding experts, the thrilling feeling of flying above the rooftops of Medellin will be unforgettable.

Days 6 & 7 - Quito

Plaza de la independencia, municipio, palacio arzobispal, monumento a los héroes del 10 de agosto, escalinata de la Catedral

Quito Tour With Historian Guide


Golden churches and evocative 16th-century palaces dominate the heart of Quito. Streets of cobblestone and intrigue suggest a time of the early Spanish colony, while lanes evoke more indigenous styles. Quito’s old centre was officially the first ever World Heritage Site. You will explore with a local historian, discovering eclectic imported styles and an astonishing quantity of gold. Sights like La Compania and the Presidential Palace are among your stops. This is a city with a very living history and almost every street offers a hidden surprise. A morning will reveal iconic highlights in the centre, then the afternoon can be tailored to your historical and cultural interests.

Rustic looking bridge with a thatch roof crossing a river in a cloud forest near Mindo, Ecuador

Highlights of Mindo Cultural Tour


A sub-tropical landscape upon the slopes of the Western Andes, Mindo is a delightful area of pre-Incan history and pure nature. Strange stones show where executions were carried out by the Yumbos. Archaeological evidence creates a tale from more than a millennia ago, as your guide explains how much culture existed here long before the Incas. Traveling further into Mindo you will visit a butterfly garden and orchid garden, as well as a forest that dazzles with rare tropical birds. Mindo is an iconic day trip from Quito but you can also enjoy one of the superb haciendas in the area.

Plaza Grand Hotel, Quito


An integral part of the very first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Plaza Grand marks the very heart of Quito. Across from the palace and cathedral, it was formerly the grandest mansion in the Americas, then the grandest hotel in the Americas. After a period of neglect, the Plaza Grand was refurbished and reopened in 2005. You can smell the history here, such elegance and opulence on every floor. It’s boutique, but not pretentious, just glorious in its ode to heritage. This is comfortably Quito’s finest hotel and the location is unbeatable for exploring the city’s main highlights. You will literally be staying inside the history.

Days 8 & 9 - Galapagos by Land

Unique photo of a huge fully grown Galapagos Giant Tortoise in wildlife. Highlands, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Nikon D810. Converted from RAW.

Giant Tortoise Spotting on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos


Tortoises arrived in the Galapagos on driftwood from mainland South America. 15 species evolved separately on different islands, each with a shell shaped to match the island’s volcanic structure. On Santa Cruz you will encounter dozens of wild Santa Cruz tortoises grazing and resting. They’re much bigger and faster than you may expect. And the longer you watch the more unusual behaviour they display. After encounters on the island’s highlands you will visit Fausto Llerena Tortoise Centre, where you can see different subspecies. They have been brought here as part of a breeding and conservation program, yet remain wild.

Full View, Pikaia Lodge

Pikaia Lodge, Galapagos


Giant Galapagos tortoises roam the grounds outside your suite. A private pool overlooks distant white beaches and the Pacific. You’re up in the highlands, immersed in the birds and life of the archipelago.Pikaiai has long been considered the finest luxury lodge on the Galapagos islands. It’s a Relais & Chateaux property, high in the hills, expertly situated for exploring the island’s unusual wildlife. From here you can take twice-daily land and water excursions to a breathtaking range of wildlife sites across the islands.

View of Pacific Pelican in flight off the coast of San Cristobal Island, Galapagos, Ecuador.

Galapagos Wildlife Safari at Kicker Rock and Punta Pitt


Of all the islands and all the wildlife, there are two Galapagos sites that perfectly summarise the safari experience. These are both on San Cristobal and you will discover them in one day with a private guide.First Kicker Rock, a dazzling snorkel or dive site, where sharks and manta rays gather in an abundance not seen elsewhere. Boobies and sea lions hang out on the cliffs above the dive site and you can often find them on the water besides you. Pungent aromas and squawking sounds fill the atmosphere at Punta Pitt, home of the islands’ biggest bachelor sea lion colony. You cannot get close to them. These sea lions are violent and you’ll witness plenty of quarrels. Instead, circumnavigate the colony to the only place on the islands where you can see all three species of booby in one place. Red-footed boobies, blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, and then frigate birds plus marine iguanas to complete your private wildlife safari.

Days 10, 11 & 12 - Galapagos by Water

San Cristobal's Cerro Brujo beach, Glapagos

Galapagos Islands Catamaran Charter


The ultimate way to discover the Galapagos islands, a private catamaran charter and an itinerary that can be adapted to your group’s interests. Naturalist guides will lead you on land and marine excursions, connecting the islands and visitor sites you most want to see.Every Galapagos cruise, even a private charter, must stick to a fixed schedule. This is to prevent overcrowding at wildlife sites and help fully preserve all the unique nature. With any group cruise you don’t have control over this itinerary. For a private charter, your travel designer will help arrange an itinerary that meets your interests.From exceptional diving in the north to the best places to kayak or snorkel, then all the finest land sites for sea lions, birds and reptiles, this can be your own version of the Galapagos.

Days 13 & 14 - Quito to Lima

Ceviche Cooking Class, Lima

Lima Ceviche and Pisco Cooking Class


Peru is home to two of the best South American culinary creations, ceviche and pisco sour. During this cooking class in the country’s foodie capital, you’ll learn how to make both from a local expert.You’ll begin by understanding the nuances of fermentation and varieties of the brandy known as Pisco, before learning how to turn it into the country’s greatest cocktail with egg-white, lime and syrup.Next, you’ll learn the art and technique of preparing raw fish. From the precise ingredients to the delicate process, the fresh, tangy dish comes to life. By the end, you won’t have mastered this culinary craft (that takes years) but you will have tasted and learnt two specialities unique to Peru.

Excursion in Peru where the tourists can swim with the sea lions in the Pacific ocean. Palomino islands and beauty of the nature in South America

Exploring the Palomino Islands on a Private Yacht


While most people visit Lima for the city’s incredible food and beautiful colonial architecture, the city has another side that not so many people know about. You’ll escape the city for the day and head out on a private yacht to the Palomino Islands.The rocky islands just off the coast of Lima are home to a large population of sea lions. You can choose to enjoy the serenity of being out on the sun-baked boat, or even take a dive into the water to get a little closer to these playful seals. It’s a day trip from Lima that will give a whole new perspective of this urban area.

Days 15 & 16 - Sacred Valley

Mountain Bike Tour, Sacred Valley

Incan Ruins near Cusco Mountain Bike Tour


Prepare yourself for a downhill thrill from Inca aqueducts to temples outside of Cusco. You’ll begin your bike tour in Tambomachay, a series of ancient aqueducts and canals built by the Incas. From there it’s all downhill, geographically speaking at least. Let the descent handle the hard work for you as you feel the cool air whip past your face. You’ll stop at the Moon Temple and ceremonial site of Qenqo before finishing your bike tour at Sacsayhuaman, an impressive citadel made from giant stone blocks. This Sacred Valley tour will allow you to appreciate the landscape as well as the ancient ruins that can be found around Cusco.

Pisac Ruins, Sacred Valley

Pisac Ruins and Market Tour


Step into a colourful market in the peaceful small town of Pisac and get lost amongst the bustling stalls. From traditional patterned textiles to llama wool blankets, you’ll find the beautiful local handicrafts hard to resist. Perched high above the town in the Sacred Valley are the Pisac Inca ruins, one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the country. On this private tour, you’ll be able to wander through the crumbling stone buildings and stand atop the incredible terraced slopes.From the vibrant market to the Inca ruins, Pisac is one of the best day trips from Cusco, striking the perfect balance of culture and history.

Andean Shaman Ceremony, Sacred Valley

Andean Shaman Mystic Ceremony in the Sacred Valley


Open your mind and soul to a sacred offering ceremony delivered by a traditional Andean Shaman. Give thanks to Pachamama or Mother Earth for the life that she gives, as you join the Shaman in chanting and giving offerings of natural elements. The Peruvians believe that this mystical ceremony will bring you closer to nature and rejuvenate your spirit. With an open mind, allow the intensity of the ceremony to afford you a deeper understanding of the traditional culture of the Andes.

Day 17 - Machu Picchu

Private Train Carriage, Machu Picchu

Private Train Carriage to Machu Picchu


Imagine soaking up the views of the Sacred Valley in your own personal sanctuary. In this train journey to and from the ruins of Machu Picchu, you’ll have a deluxe carriage all to yourself. As you settle into the stylish seats you can gaze out of the large windows and at the incredibly beautiful landscape of the Urubamba River. With up to ten people, you can enjoy a private carriage with drinks and gourmet Peruvian food for a train journey to remember. This is an exclusive journey to Machu Picchu that you only share with whomever you wish.

Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu Afternoon Tour


No matter how many times you may have seen an image of Machu Picchu, nothing quite prepares you for seeing it with your own eyes. As you enter the ruined citadel, it’s easy to be overcome with the unfathomable spectacle of this new wonder of the world. Your private guide will take you through this huge complex perched between the dramatic Andes mountains. You will explore its main temples and hidden corners, while understanding the history of the Incas and what is known about the incredible site.Take in every moment that you can, for this is truly one of the world’s most impressive archaeological sites.

Day 18 - Machu Picchu to Cusco

Machu Picchu Mountain, Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu Mountain Hike


Rising over 3000m above the ancient citadel, the Machu Picchu Mountain offers the greatest viewpoint of the ruins. With a private guide you will tackle the challenging steep climb to the top. As you reach the peak, an incredible panorama of the Andes mountains with the Incan sanctuary below will reveal itself. A spiritual place, you’ll be standing where Incan priests once performed special rituals.It’s an excursion that few people choose to take, but it’s without doubt the most perfect postcard shot you’ll find of the spectacular Machu Picchu.

Day 19 - Cusco

Aerial View, Cuszco

Cusco Sightseeing Tour with Local Guide


Standing upon the lower slopes of the Urubamba Valley, that enclose the centuries-old city of Cusco, affords incredible views. The expanse of the terracotta rooftops is a sight to behold. On this private tour, you will delve deeper into the cobblestone streets to discover the old city’s enchanting atmosphere. Your local guide will take you to the main important sights, from the Plaza de Armas with its imposing 16th century cathedral to Koricancha, the Inca’s most important temple. The Gothic Renaissance architecture from the colonial era and the underlying ancient history within Cusco will leave you completely captivated.

"The Sacred Valley of the Incas or Urubamba Valley is a valley in the Andes of Peru, close to the Inca capital of Cusco and below the ancient sacred city of Machu Picchu. The valley is generally understood to include everything between P"

Visit a Local Market in Cusco


As you stand outside the San Pedro market in Cusco, you will notice the aromas of local produce and varieties of potato that you have never seen before. The locals are all conversing in their native tongue and the women are dressed in their traditional clothing, with typical Andean textiles and patterns. You are observing everyday life at the market, away from the tourist zones of the city.You can wander the market stalls for as long as you like with your local guide. Observing the gestures, the noise and the colours will be enough to keep you enthralled for hours.

Days 20, 21 & 22 - Buenos Aires

Master Suite, Be Jardin Escondido, Buenos Aires

Be Jardin Escondido, Buenos Aires


Francis Ford Coppola used to produce films from this quaint house in the heart of Palermo. It’s now a luxurious urban retreat, doused in vintage hues and old-world ambiance. Step inside hallways of antique furnishing. Admire the oodles of art lining each wall. Lounge in the garden and soak up Palermo’s sounds and smells from your balcony. Location is luxury here as you’ll be on the edge of Palermo’s Soho district, surrounded by the city’s hippest selection of bars and restaurants. This isn’t a hotel for families or a quiet stay. Instead, it’s a vintage retreat if you want to savour Buenos Aires at its lively and energetic best.

Tango Lessons, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Tango Class at the Home of Tango


An accordian blasts through the stillness. Piano and guitar join the rhythm. There’s tapping and movement, as you lurch into the world of tango. Tango originates in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, more specifically, in the Argentine capital’s working class suburb of La Boca. So where better for a true tango class? Spend the early evening with a local tutor, learning the moves in the company of a live band. Then visit a nearby milonga and participate in the moving community spirit of everyday tango.

Group of friends hanging out in a Bar at Night

Buenos Aires Craft Breweries and Bars Exploration


Craft brewing has raced through Buenos Aires during the last decade. So it’s no longer just bottles of Quilmes on the terraces. Spend your afternoon in microbreweries, exploring production with brewers and tasting in their taprooms. From saison beer made with Malbec grapes to double chocolate stouts, there are experimental brews to explore alongside the more typical APAs and IPAs.Lunch is included at a taproom before the afternoon descends into too much tasting and too much good beer. Expect a hangover after a day immersed in the city’s craft brewing scene.

Estancia Goucho Tour, Buenos Aires Provence

Gaucho Day With Horse Riding and BBQ Near Buenos Aires


Hooves gallop across open plains as you ride besides an Argentina gaucho. Out here there is space, so you can run and run with your horse, even jump some fences if you wish. Don’t worry if you can’t ride. There’s a place for all levels on this day with a cowboy family just outside Buenos Aires. After a hearty breakfast you’ll spend the morning on horseback. Then settle into a meat feast, an authentic Argentina lunchtime barbecue, complete with copious Malbec. Enjoy more riding in the afternoon, as you fully experience a day in the life of a local gaucho.

Days 23 & 24 - El Calafate

Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia

Ice Hiking on Perito Moreno Glacier


A deafening crack, a resounding crash. A great slab of ice breaks free from the glacier and the sounds echo for many seconds afterwards. You’re not watching the glacier break up - you are standing on top of it. Perito Moreno is Patagonia’s most famous attraction. Visit on a private tour and you’ll have time to explore the boardwalks, to watch the ice crumble and crack. Then strap on crampons and step onto the glacier, meandering around its crevices and exploring a white-blue wonderland. Ice forms artistic tunnels and sculptures and it doesn’t seem real, even if the ice stays firm beneath your feet.

The Property, EOLO, El Calafate

EOLO - Patagonia´s Spirit


Located on its own private reserve, just outside Los Glaciares National Park, EOLO creates an effortless immersion in Patagonian bliss. Magnificent peaks and vast plains stretch in all directions and you can walk straight from your suite into the wilderness. Proximity to Perito Moreno Glacier is another highlight but there’s so much else to do and see in the area. Think guided ikes, horseback trails, mountain biking and remote lakes that don’t see tourists. You can explore a lot of it without a guide, perfect for couples seeking pure Patagonian solitude. The onsite restaurant is just about the best in Patagonia and all meals are included in a stay.

Days 25, 26, 27 & 28 - Tierra del Fuego

Landscape Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina

Off-Road Adventure in Tierra del Fuego National Park


Bump into the wild on a private four-wheel drive adventure through Tierra del Fuego National Park. Crossing rumbling rivers you’ll travel to great forests and open lagoons. Navigating mountain slopes you’ll emerge on the coast, next to the roar of growling waves. Albatross fly past. Boardwalks give you change to walk in this strange place. From isolated viewpoints you gaze down upon Argentina and Chile. Soon the road is no more. The trail is no more and you keep bouncing along, further through the national park.With this four-wheel drive tour you can go completely off trail with a private guide, to discover the best and the unknown of Tierra del Fuego.

Tierra del Fuego Penguin Cruise


Sporting beautiful yellow coloring on its throat, the King penguin is the second largest penguin on earth. Standing just under a meter tall, King penguins look very much like the famous Emperor penguin. Visit them in their natural habitat in the King Penguin Park at the mouth of the Marazzi river. Get a tour of their habitat on your way to and from the park, on a private cruise through the Strait of Magellan. Then watch members of the colony interact with one another, return from fishing runs, and tend to their fluffy brown chicks.

Fjords of Tierra del Fuego Multi-Day Cruise


Despite its fiery name, Tierra del Fuego is a land shaped by ice. Explore glacier-carved fjords and marvel at the last vestiges of the great ice sheet that sculpted the region on this four-night cruise.Feel ocean spray from the ship’s deck as you peer out at misty islands and waterfalls spilling down steep fjord walls. Venture onto land for hiking excursions and to mingle with penguins. Board a swift Zodiac for an up-close encounter with the humbling Pia Glacier.With cabins featuring huge windows, you can appreciate the scenery right up until the moment you shut your eyes, and discover an entirely new landscape the following day.

Days 29 - Chilean Patagonia

Patagonia Camp, Glamping in Torres del Paine


With its soaring granite peaks and ancient glaciers, Torres del Paine is too magnificent to fully appreciate in just a day. Plus, it’s too far away not to stay for longer. Stay for a while and maintain a connection with the land by spending your nights in a yurt.Patagonia Camp combines the simplicity of camping with the comforts of a hotel. Recharge in a full-sized bed in your private soft-walled yurt, stargazing through a viewing dome at the structure’s apex. Catch the sunrise over Lago del Toro from your private balcony, before sitting down for a modern Chilean breakfast in the restaurant. Fill your days by venturing into the park or take advantage of kayaking, hiking, paddleboarding, and other adventures.

Days 30 & 31

Trekking in Torres del Paine


Turquoise lakes, tumbling glaciers, and sheer granite mountains—Torres del Paine is a wonderland of rugged scenery.Move through this incredible landscape on foot, taking the time to appreciate the mountains from all aspects, to stop and investigate fascinating fossils, and to connect with the region’s unique wildlife. Take advantage of luxurious accommodations and venture around the national park on day hikes. Or stay in huts along the storied W Trek, a four-day adventure that brings you through three of the park’s valleys, bordered by rock and ice.

Rock Climbing in Chilean Patagonia


Patagonia’s Fitz Roy massif is out of the question for most climbers, but the area hosts plenty of other vertical adventures for all experience levels. Get the Torres del Paine climbing experience without the crowds or committing routes, by sampling excellent stone with sweeping lake views at nearby Laguna Sofia.For those with more skill and grit, the rocketing spires of Torres del Paine offer some more moderate routes, such as the Aste Route on South Tower.Your internationally certified guide will have intimate knowledge of these mountains and guide you safely up the region’s famous orange granite, as you jam perfect cracks and fight both gravity and the notorious, buffeting Patagonian winds.

Days 32 & 33 - Maipo Valley

Maipo Valley Wine Tasting


The Maipo Valley is a region characterized by its pleasant climate, mountain views, and rich red wines, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon. Visit the valley’s most distinguished wine producers on this taste-forward tour.Get granular and dive into the technical aspects of wine-making at Viña Undurraga, where you can learn about painstaking soil analysis at their test pit, before honing your olfactory skills in an aroma room.Taste all the wine you can manage at Viña El Principal before driving to nearby hilltops to survey the vineyard while enjoying a heaping asado (barbeque) of Chilean classics.

Hiking and Hot Springs in Cajon del Maipo


Hike between steep mountain walls, through a craggy landscape of scrub, waterworn stone, and hanging glaciers.Follow your guide through this incredible reserve, learning about the area’s unique ecosystem.See silty glacier-fed streams mingle with spring water. Look over the landscape from high traverses. Stoop to examine fascinating rock formations and fossils.Unwind in the gorge’s famous natural hot springs, letting the mineral-rich water rejuvenate your skin while you absorb the spectacular mountain views.

Day 34 - Santiago de Chile

Santiago Wine & Dine Tour


Chilean cuisine is dominated by rich flavors reflecting its varied landscapes. Get to know the tastes and aromas of this vibrant culture through a whirlwind food and drink tour of the nation’s capital.Along with your guide, dive into a chaotic market to gather fresh ingredients like cherimoya and aji verde, seasoned meats, and merquen spice. Explore the city’s best seafood market, Santiago’s favorite ice cream bottega, and a hidden sandwich shop.Then retreat to a stylish apartment for a private cooking class. Local chefs will offer instructions on how to prepare ingredients to make Chilean classics. Afterward, sample your creations, paired with the finest Chilean wines.

Days 35, 36 & 37 - Rio de Janeiro

Yacht Charter to the Tijucas and Cagarras Islands

Yacht Charter to the Tijucas and Cagarras Islands


Sail down the coast in your private yacht, admiring Rio’s beaches from the sea. You will reach the Tijucas, rocky islets that rise out of the water and are crowned with lush greenery. Here you can enjoy a fresh, invigorating dive.Your yacht will then take you to the Cagarras, another rocky, uninhabited archipelago. If you like, dive to see tropical fish, turtles and crustaceans. If you prefer, stay onboard. Enjoy the seascape while basking and having a snack. Lean back and close your eyes. Or maybe, keep them open — dolphins and whales might be around. As with all yacht charters, there is opportunity to extend and tailor your itinerary.

Scenic Helicopter Flight, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Scenic Helicopter Flight


Hover above the wide white beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, and the imposing statue of Christ the Redeemer.From your helicopter you will be able to fully appreciate the grandeur of Guanabara Bay, with its dramatic and unique topography. And you will understand why this is called the Wondrous City.Is there a more iconic city in the world for doing a scenic helicopter flight?

The Hotel, Belmond Copacabana Palace

Belmond Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro


A view of Copacabana beach and the ocean. Period furniture, pastel colours, original artworks. Curtains fluttering in the sea breeze. These are your rooms. If you prefer a penthouse suite, you will also have a private terrace and access to the penthouse swimming pool.Try exotic drinks at the piano bar. At lunch and dinner time, choose between South American, Far East and Italian cuisine. The latter two, in Michelin-starred restaurants. This is a place for you to experience Rio at its most luxurious, alongside its most famous place.

Days 38 & 39 - Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls Tour, Brazil

Iguazu Falls Tour, Brazil


Admire the grandeur of the Iguaçu Falls as you look at them from the Brazilian side. The falls are horseshoe-shaped, and from here you have a panoramic view of two thirds of the waterfalls, which are on Argentine soil.Walk the jungle trails in the jungle, then come out on the circuits. Admire the contrast between the lush green and the foaming white. Feel the might of that mass of water that plunges ceaselessly over the cliffs. Tell your guide your abilities and preferences, for there are many options and trails to explore.

Iguazu Falls, Argentinian Side

Visit Argentinian Iguazu Falls From Brazil


Feel the might of the waters from up close as you walk the circuits around the falls.The Iguaçu Falls are horseshoe-shaped, and two thirds of the cascades are on Argentinian ground. This is where you can get the closest to them, and even see them from above, as opposed to the Brazilian side, where you have the best panoramic views.Your tour can include a ten-minute helicopter flight that will take you over the jungle, the Iguaçu River, and then the falls themselves. It’s an experience worthy of a John Barry soundtrack.

Helicopter Flight, Iguazu Falls

Scenic Helicopter Over Iguazu Falls


Veils of water tumble through the jungle. Spray rises in diaphanous clouds, twisting and turning above the green. You peer into Brazil and Paraguay, then back to Argentina. The water never relents and you savour this ultimate of vantage points. Iguazu Falls is a monster of a waterfall. Cataracts stretch almost three kilometres across the jungle and you simply can’t see it all from the ground. But from the air you are doused in wonder, the endless falls and the endless jungle covering everything below. Iguazu Falls is a challenge to reach. It’s far from everywhere, deep in the jungle. Once you’re here you really do need to experience it from all the angles.

The Hotel, Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, Iguazu Falls


Experience the largest waterfall in the world, as more than simply an adventure. Wake up in the morning and open your ears to Iguazu Falls. See Portuguese colonial furniture, colourful paintings of local fauna and flora, and traditional painted tiles. Have Brazilian barbecue for lunch, and enjoy sustainable rainforest products in the spa.Hotel das Cataratas is not only in the most convenient location for discovering the falls. It’s also a place where you immerse yourself in the best of Brazilian décor, gastronomy and ambience.

Days 40, 41 & 42 - Brazilian Amazon

Boat _ Canoe the Meeting of the Waters, Manaus

Boat & Canoe the Meeting of the Waters, Manaus


Witness a unique natural phenomenon. Here the waters of two immense rivers flow in the same bed, without mixing. A dark current and a light brown one, running side by side for kilometres.Together, the Negro and Solimões rivers become the Amazon. So when you see the “meeting of the waters”, you will be seeing the birthplace of the largest river on earth.After this, your private boat will take you where you can paddle a canoe in the flooded jungle, or hike if it’s the dry season. And you will discover the famous aquatic plant named after a British queen.

Jungle Cottage, Anavilhanas Lodge, Brazilian Amazon

Stay at Anavilhanas Lodge, Brazilian Amazon


Wood, natural fibers and glass. And the jungle all around. Swing gently in the hammock on your lodge balcony, or linger in bed and admire nature through the glass panes. After a breakfast that includes delicious tropical fruit, step out to discover the Amazon jungle. Learn to use a bow and arrow. Canoe among the trees. Yes, you read that right. In the flooded areas known as “igarapés” the river flows around trees adapted to live in the water.You can learn all you want about local flora, and jungle survival, by going on a hike on the dryland forest in company with an expert. You can also visit a local community and discover daily life there, go piranha fishing or take a river safari to see pink dolphins, sloths, alligators and birds.And if you are feeling contemplative, go on a dawn outing and see the sky and water afire as the sun rises.

Day 43 - Departure