Costa Rica Adventure for Couples

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Costa Rica is where adventurous couples go to explore. And it has now reopened. Trek on volcanoes, explore remarkable coastlines, zip through cloud forests, find your special place, then lounge in natural hot springs.

This experience is designed for couples wanting a little more than rest and relaxation. It’s an active journey across a string of highlights, a journey where you’ll find romance and privacy in nature’s special places.

Day 1 - Arenal

Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort, Costa Rica

Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort

Costa Rica

Tabacon Resort is a serene retreat that features the largest network of natural springs in the country, with both hot and cold pools.The resort sits on land painstakingly restored from pasture to its natural state, featuring botanical gardens and, of course, the famous pools. Drink in the surroundings while you bathe in water heated by Arenal’s molten heart.Lounge in the restorative Shangri-La Gardens before ending your day with dinner at the Tucanes Restaurant, which serves up tasteful gastronomical experiences in the resort’s impressive rainforest atmosphere.

Day 2 - Arenal

Arenal Volcano Hike, Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano NP Hike Plus Tabacón Spa and Dinner

Costa Rica

Tour along hiking trails on the northwest side of Arenal while your guide interprets the impressive sights and sounds of this active volcano and its attendant biodiversity.Marvel at lava rock formations. Spot white-faced capuchin monkeys and parrot snakes. Watch the lava-red sun set over the serene waters of Arenal Lake.Afterward, unwind at Tabacon Resort, a serene retreat that features both natural hot and cold pools, unique to the Arenal area.Drink in the surroundings while you bathe in water heated by Arenal’s volcanic heart.End your day with dinner at the Tucanes Restaurant, which serves up tasteful gastronomical experiences in the resort’s impressive rainforest atmosphere.

Day 3 - Arenal

SkyTrek_Tram, Costa Rica

Sky Trek & Sky Tram Experience in Arenal

Costa Rica

Begin by easily gaining elevation aboard the Sky Tram. On your way up, observe monkeys swinging between trees and hear the quorks of long-billed toucans. The tram will bring you to an observation deck at the highest point of the Arenal Reserve.See Volcan Arenal and the surrounding splendor from this exceptional vantage before continuing your adventure along a series of zip lines.Traverse along nearly two miles of zip lines, including a single cable of 2460 feet! Fly above and among the canopy, seeing the rainforest from a bird’s perspective, hundreds of feet above the ground.

Day 4 - Siquirres

Pacuare Lodge Aerial View Costa Rica CREDIT

Pacuare Lodge

Costa Rica

Think hummingbirds fluttering from flower to flower, indigenous-inspired architecture and dining by candlelight.An eco-conscious resort that blends into the rainforest along the banks of Rio Pacuare, Pacuare Lodge was designed to have a minimal effect on the natural landscape. It has been designated as one of the world’s best eco-lodges by National Geographic. Respect for and intimacy with nature does not mean foregoing comfort. The suites are as luxurious as rainforest flowers and the resort is completed by an excellent kitchen and sensuous spa.

Pacuare Romantic Dinner, Costa Rica, CREDIT

Romantic Dinner in the Rainforest Canopy at Pacuare Lodge

Costa Rica

From monkeys and snakes to birds, a lot of action in the Costa Rican rainforests happens in the canopy. Join it at Pacuara Lodge. Inspired by birds’ intricate nests built high in the surrounding trees, Pacuare Lodge has created its own Nest—a wooden platform situated 20 meters above the forest floor in a ceiba tree.Accessible only by gliding along a 130-meter cable, the Nest is your private dining room. Sample inspired fare from Pacuare Lodge chefs as the sun sets and the rainforest comes alive.

Day 5 - Siquirres

Rio Pacuare Rafting, Costa Rica

Pacuare River White Water Rafting

Costa Rica

This adrenaline-pumping adventure traverses nearly 30 kilometers of raging river in the heart of Costa Rica. So climb aboard your raft and plunge into adventure.Battle waves and charging rapids as you travel through dense primary rainforest. Crane your neck to look up from the bottom of deep gorges. Pass high stunning waterfalls. Take a breather and relax in calm pools and swimming holes.A hearty lunch awaits you at the other end—and you’ll have earned it!

Day 6 - Osa Peninsula

Kura Design Villas, Aerial View, Costa Rica, CREDIT

Kura Design Villas in Osa Peninsula

Costa Rica

Appearing from the jungle like a glamorous apparition, Kura Design Villas is an intimate boutique hotel on the Osa Peninsula.Rainforest-draped mountains advance to the edge of the beach, where they give way to the roiling Pacific Ocean. The Villas are perched on a hillside overlooking the ocean, reclining beneath the canopy.The tropical minimalist design accentuates the area’s renowned biodiversity—the region has been recognized by National Geographic as “one of the most biologically intense regions on earth.” You’ll see why as you soak in the infinity pool and feel the rhythm of the isolated tropical jungle.

Day 7 - Osa Peninsula

Dolphin Watching Tour, Costa Rica

Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour in Sierpe

Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s legendary biodiversity doesn’t end at the shoreline. Head out to sea and visit the country’s marine residents.Feel the spray and be in awe of an acrobatic humpback whale holding her tail above the water, as she dives in search of a place to birth her young.This full-day tour provides ample opportunities to spot distinct whale species and even more dolphins.As mighty as these creatures seem, some of them—including humpbacks—are endangered. Visit their habitat, see them in the wild, and appreciate the fragile beauty that makes this area so special.

Days 8 & 9 - Osa Peninsula

Lapa Rios Costa Rica

Stay at Lapa Rios Rainforest Lodge

Costa Rica

Named after the chain of flying macaws (lapas) that the owners saw when first visiting the property, Lapa Rios stands out among eco-resorts. This collection of bungalows on the Osa Peninsula encapsulates the conservationist spirit while courting world-class luxury. An array of eco-friendly features like solar-heated showers and organic products blend with the comforts of ocean-view private hot tubs and gourmet dining, to create a very distinct stay. All of this is against the backdrop of what’s been called the “most biologically intense place on earth”—which can be explored on day trips organized by the resort.

Day 10 - Departure

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