What To Do In Peru

What To Do In Peru - Create Your Bucketlist

Tap into Lima’s cosmopolitan pulse, hike among jaw-dropping Andean peaks, and marvel at Machu Picchu, just part of what to do in Peru. From the capital’s colonial heart to the cobblestone streets of Cusco and the famed four-day Inca Trail hike, there is a reason why Peru is South America's most iconic destination.

Iconic Travel Experiences For Your Peru Bucketlist

What to do in Peru when you want to experience the country's classic offering. Think Machu Picchu, cruising through the Amazon, cultural connections, ceviche, and superb places to stay.

A Kaleidoscope of Incan Cultural Moments

Arguably the most advanced people and culture on the planet, before the Spanish landed on South America. Much of Incan culture lives on, in ruins and in everyday life. Expert travel designers can ensure you discover more than just old relics, but a very living history, far beyond Machu Picchu.

There Is More to Peru Than the Incas

What culture Peru can offer! What to do in Peru is to unravel the layers of the country's history and heritage, from food to shamanism, Quechua communities to paso horses.

Discover the Peruvian Amazon

Mountains dominate half of Peru and the Amazon fills the rest. Immerse your senses in the jungle, where jaguars roam and vibrant birds flutter their wings. In the Peruvian Amazon you can cruise, but you can also find easy access to lodge-based jungle itineraries. Compared to the rest of South America, Peru is the easiest country for going deep into the Amazon.

What To Do In Peruvian Landscapes

The adventure continues, in remarkable Peruvian landscapes where the only restriction is your personal sense of adventure. So what to do in Peru when you wish to depart the beaten path?