What To Do In Colombia

What To Do In Colombia - 50+ Bucketlist Ideas

Going off the beaten track and soaking up unusual travel moments is what you do in Colombia. Like haciendas isolated upon coffee plantations, streets of cobblestone and intrigue, unknown Caribbean islands and a pulsating culture dating to long before the Incas. Colombia is quickly emerging as one of the world's next great travel destinations. Come here soon, while it's still so raw and authentic.

Into the Heart of Colombian Culture

Discover the Colombia of yesteryear, at pre-Incan ruins and colourful city neighbourhoods. Uncover the Colombia of today, a country far from the stereotypes and nothing like images from Narcos. Meet with artisans, dance the salsa and add other travel moments to your list of what to do in Colombia.

What to do in Colombia's Coastline

One side to Colombia is draped along the Caribbean, where unknown islands and lush jungle create a stunning getaway. The other side is all about Pacific waves and humpback whales. In between you'll find Amazonian jungle and valleys of coffee plantations that roll for miles. Visit Colombia and you can explore a coastline as yet undisturbed by tourism, as yet altered from its pure, original promise.

Where to Stay in Colombia

A selection of the finest places to stay in Colombia, as handpicked by Colombia travel experts. From desert to Amazon, these sublime little lodges and hotels have been changing the image of tourism in the country. These are places you won't want to leave, places that embrace their surroundings and suggest what's possible in Colombia. And they are just ideas. There's a lot more inspiration when you speak with Colombia's leading travel designers.

Colombian Mountains and Wild Landscapes

Wild landscapes are integral to a bucketlist of what to do in Colombia. This country is larger than every visitor expects and the sheer range of destinations makes for ongoing highlights. Hike to the Lost City, horseback with cowboys across the plains, discover remote national parks that have only just opened to visitors. Embrace the culture, sample the coffee, and find the beauty of a country that is only just opening up.