Ecuador Vacation & Galapagos

40+ Bucketlist Ideas for your Ecuador Vacation

Ecuador vacations celebrate nature's splendour, from fiery volcanoes to the inimitable Galapagos. From the Amazon to the islands, via a kaleidoscopic blend of cultures and landscapes, Ecuador is always authentic.

Best of the Galapagos Islands

Isolated in the South Pacific, the legendary Galapagos islands are largely harsh and desolate places, volcanoes still redolent with power. People are mostly visitors, for the archipelago is the preserve of rare and unique wildlife. This is where Darwin crafted his theory and many species are endemic to thir specific Galapagos islands. Base yourself on one of three islands with hotels, then take day trips to the different wildlife sites. Or do a cruise through the archipelago, opportunity to explore more of the outlying islands. Expect to get very close - Galapagos wildlife evolved without predators and is not fearful of your presence. Understandably, the Galapagos is the premier highlight of most Ecuador vacations.

Culture and the Mainland

From surf waves to Amazon jungle, via snow-capped volcanoes and narrow valleys, Ecuador's mainland is a jigsaw of landscapes and cultures. You'll find preserved colonial leftovers like Cuenca, indigenous people who flourished long before the Incas, the very first World Heritage Site and many authentic connections with the region's past. And perhaps the greatest appeal is that an Ecuador vacation can include so much of this, in a short amount of time.

Amazon Experiences for your Ecuador Vacation

The Ecuadorian Amazon isn't a glimpse at nature, it's an absolute immersion in an exotic realm. A dense green carpet of endemic plants provides the setting for rare wildlife and 50 million years of natural evolution. You can cruise through it by boat, or settle into a divine lodge. Ecuador has the finest lodges in the Amazon, so you can enjoy luxury deep in the wild.