Chile Vacation

40+ Chile Vacation Ideas For Your Travel Bucketlist

Chile is an expression of nature and a mammoth scale. Soaring mountains, Patagonian wilderness, ancient desert and a glorious coastline create so many moments for your travel bucketlist. Try these epic ideas for your Chile vacation.

Where to Stay on a Chile Vacation

Embrace the wilderness and enjoy some of the wildest places to stay in the Southern Hemisphere. Add these unique places to stay to your Chile bucketlist.

The Best of Chilean Patagonia

Wild and endless, Chilean Patagonia is a destination for so many travel bucketlists. Nature is big here but it's easy to get around, as long as you don't try to rush. You won't see many other people when you explore this refuge on the end of the earth.

Add Easter Island to Your Chile Vacation

Easter Island is thousands of miles from anywhere but it's actually a part of Chile. Direct flights from Santiago make it easy to add this Pacific island to the rest of your Chile vacation.

Highlights of Central Chile

Most visitors arrive and depart from Central Chile, specifically Santiago. This expansive region can take your Chile vacation in many directions, from vineyards to ski fields, hot springs to hikes and bikes. Add some of these moments to your travel bucketlist.

Explore Northern Chile

Now into northern Chile you will find the landscapes grow bigger and bigger. Here there are seemingly endless miles of empty roads, nothing around but you and big open space. Oh, and some penguins, lots of stars, pisco towns and more surprises.