Ultimate Lima Gourmet Tour

Peru’s exquisite cuisine is one of the most unique and finest in the world. On this incredible five-hour, 21 course dinner experience, you will get to taste and enjoy the very best of the country’s gourmet dishes.

More of a culinary journey than a dinner, this experience takes you around Peru through its three diverse regions; the selva, sierra and costa. You will be served by the country’s finest chefs as you sample the Peruvian flavours from seafood to exotic spices and rich cacao. You’ll also enjoy a cocktail from one of the highest ranked bars in the world. 

This is an exclusive gourmet tour that’s perfect if you don’t have much time in Lima. You can enjoy all the flavours in one afternoon and evening.

This experience was created by
Fabiola Meneses
Fabiola passionately shares the traditions and culture of her country, far beyond the typical tourist haunts. For 14 years she’s been customising exceptional travel all around Peru.
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