Mondar Waterfalls Wilderness Day Hike

Leave the crowds at Machu Picchu behind for a day hike to the sacred waterfalls and impressively fertile lands of the Urubamba Valley. Starting from Aguas Calientes, you will hike with a local guide to the picturesque 12m high waterfalls fed from the crystal-clear waters of Mount Yanantin. 

As you continue on foot, you’ll be absorbed by the dense vegetation. You’ll pass coffee, banana and avocado plantations carved out from the impenetrable, green forest. Keep your eye out for the spectacled bear and species of birds and butterflies, which are in their natural habitat here.

A day spent in nature away from the crowds is a day to contrast your experience at Machu Picchu.

This experience was created by
Ana Sofía Cuba
The go-to specialist for Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, Ana Sofia provides a personal invitation to the land of the Incas.
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