Scenic Flight Over the Nazca Lines

As you fly over the arid landscape of southern Peru, gaze downwards to catch the pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into the sand. You will be able to make out a collection of obvious lines, forming different figures and symbols deep in the land.

The desert is all but a canvas for these mysterious lines. All together the Nazca Lines form up to 300 different figures across 1000 square kilometres. The air is the best way to appreciate the fabled Nazca Lines and on this private flight, you will have an exclusive viewing of these incredible pre-Columbian geoglyphs.

This experience was created by
Fabiola Meneses
Fabiola passionately shares the traditions and culture of her country, far beyond the typical tourist haunts. For 14 years she’s been customising exceptional travel all around Peru.
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