Dubai Vacation Plus Abu Dhabi

Ultimate Bucketlist Ideas For Your Dubai Vacation

Dubai has a breathtaking location. Enchanting red desert extends to the east, Arabian waters shimmer turquoise to the west, and each nearby Emirate has its own culture and style. A Dubai vacation is more than just exploring the city of tomorrow and you can travel in many directions.

Escape to sand dunes and settle into a wilderness spa. Cross the water for a wildlife safari on a remote island. Explore theme parks, ancient mountains, nearby oases, and places of paradise few people know about. Abu Dhabi will immerse you in heritage, the desert will envelop, and every day trip will offer you something different.

Stunning Places to Stay in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The Emirates does accommodation with a difference. Here you can escape the world, lounge on the sand, and press the buzzer for butler service. And that's in the desert or the city.

With their Arabian elegance and innovative designs, Dubai’s city hotels are a cut above the rest of the world. They are destinations in their own right, properties with a wow factor and desire to offer something completely unique.

When was the last time you really fell in love with your accommodation? From old-world Arabian hospitality to seven-star indulgence, lavish interiors to secluded suites, these Emirates mean accommodation that's different from the rest. There’s a style to suit anyone, unrivalled service for everyone, and a sense of indulgence that will make your Dubai vacation extra special.

Dubai Vacations in the Heart of the City

There was a time before the glitz and glamour, when Dubai was a tiny low-rise town in the Arabian desert. Some of this heritage remains. Yet Dubai has become a symbol of dreaming big and savouring the finer things in life.

It's the world's most visited city for a reason and you need to look a little off the beaten path. The best Dubai vacations are not on the hop-on hop-off bus route. The city's finest experiences are private and exclusive, and always beyond the norm.

The Best of Abu Dhabi

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is a wonderful collection of styles, seamlessly merging old-world tradition with an innovative urban landscape. It's a celebration of the past, the present, and the future.
The things to do in Abu Dhabi can take you in many different directions.

Stay for a day and there are some iconic and unmissable sights. But stay a little longer and the experience includes everything from deserted islands to record-breaking architecture, luxury shopping to pure sand dune adventure, indulgent spas to aerial tours.

Living the Desert on a Dubai Vacation

Dubai and Abu Dhabi make the desert utterly luxurious. You get all the solitude and silence the desert promises, along with an almost unnerving beauty. And then you enjoy true five-star luxury, along with all types of adventures.