What To Do In Costa Rica

Your Costa Rica Bucketlist (Kated Plus)

Costa Rica has always compelled and confounded. This small Central American country is a vibrant canopy of rainforest green, tropical sapphire and soaring volcanoes. It's a home of adventure and deep connection with the natural world. And it's remarkable how far you can travel from the beaten path. What to do in Costa Rica is discover a new and exotic realm, far from the sounds of everyday.

Adventures in the Trees

Costa Rica is green. This remarkable Central American nation is on track to be carbon neutral before any other nation on the planet. Most of its landscape is carpeted in trees and these are where you will find an assortment of adventures. Find solace in cloud forests, wildlife in thick jungle, and remote trails through the rainforest. With so many national parks and trails, what to do in Costa Rica almost always includes the trees.

Costa Rica Accommodation Experiences

Here's a country that has evolved rapidly, from backwater to true luxury destination. Accommodation experiences combine contemporary bliss with luxurious locations. Think howler monkeys roaming past a spa, solitude in the forest canopy, and epic views across volcanoes.

What to Do in Costa RIca - Adrenaline Experiences

Costa Rica creates an adventure for all ages and interests. A travel designer will customize the activities to you, from family excitement to rappelling down waterfalls. With adrenaline also comes an escape into nature. You can mountain bike around volcanoes, kayak through the wilderness, and find yourself stood on top of the world.

Experiences On Costa Rica's Two Coastlines

Volcanoes and forests dominate the interior, then Costa Rica also benefits from two contrasting coastlines. Roaring Pacific waters provide encounters with dolphins and surf breaks, while warmer Caribbean waters offer idyllic scuba and snorkel spots. So after a volcano and the forests, continue the adventure on the coast.

Rafting and Kayking and Horseback Riding Across Costa Rica

Three activities have become synonymous with what to do in Costa Rica. None of these require any previous experience. Kayak past monkeys and paddle slowly through forests. Go white-water rafting down roaring rivers. And horseback to waterfalls and around volcanoes. A travel designer will tailor these experiences to your interests and the moments here are just ideas for your bucketlist.

Intimate Encounters With Costa Rica's Volcanoes

Costa Rica's landscape is pockmarked by volcanoes, many of them very active and potentially dangerous. It's hard to find a landscape without a volcano in view and various experiences will take you closer to their iconic cones.

More of What To Do in Costa Rica

Keep adding moments to your bucketlist and discover the breadth of Costa Rica's travel moments. Think craft beer, botanical gardens, coffee plantations and cooking. From San Jose stopovers to floating down the Corobici River, Costa Rica will find a way to mold to your mood.