What To Do In Greece

40+ Ideas For Your Greece Bucketlist

One side of Greece is living mythology and ancient glory. Another side involves sailing into the sunset on a private yacht. There are islands, both famous and unknown, and there are exclusive ideas of what to do in Greece when you demand a true VIP experience.

Cruising Around Greece on a Private Yacht

Greek waters are far more impressive than even the photos can suggest. To escape the crowds you can cruise around Greece in a private yacht or catamaran. With so many islands there are so many routes, whether it's half a day or two weeks hopping around islands.

The Finest Places to Stay in Greece

Greece was the realm of the Gods and you can feel as if you're above the clouds, especially at the country's finest places to stay. This country does accommodation with style. And the best accommodation takes you away from the masses, so you can wallow in privacy, even in the country's famous places.

Best of the Greek Islands

White cubist villages with blue window frames. Ancient ruins and Godly temples, covering entire islands. Sailing by catamaran to new villages and beaches. From the Cyclades and Crete, Greece has always been a paradise of islands to discover. Here are a few highlights, showing what you can do in Greece.

Discover the Old & New of Greek Culture

Perhaps the greatest highlight of Greece is that it's always completely authentic. Sure, a few resort towns and famous places are a little too heavy on tourism. But in general, Greece displays history and culture with a huge amount of pride. And monuments dwarf the waves of change. Even on the most popular Greek islands you can soon be away from it all, sampling wine and olive oil as a breeze floats in.