Discover Elafonissi Beach, Crete

Get away from civilization and head to the western coast of Crete. Discover one of the island’s hidden hotspots – a whimsical pink sand beach! 

Soak up the sun and float on the clear cooling water. Admire the breathtaking contrast of the pastel pink sand running into the light blue lagoon. Be at one with the breeze and the crashing of the waves. 

Get a glimpse of local village life as you venture inland from the beach. Hike up the hill to explore a monastery boasting a view of the dramatic Libyan Sea. After watching the sunset, drop by an authentic tavern for a sumptuous Cretan feast.

This experience was created by
Ioannis Georgiadis
Ioannis and his father Manolis are the go-to experts for private and luxury travel on their home island of Crete. Their local knowledge is simply unparalleled.
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