Knossos & Heraklion Tour

Soak in the rich history of Heraklion, the largest city on Crete island.

Undisturbed by the crowd, walk in the footsteps of King Minos at the magnificent Knossos Palace. Get to know the terror of the mythical Minotaur and his ultimate fate. 

For a thirst-quencher, take a break at a local winery to taste some award-winning wines. To truly understand Heraklion, roam around the Venetian fortress, atmospheric streets, and time-worn cathedrals. 

Let your private guide share fascinating Greek mythology and historical facts with you, as you thoroughly explore the Heraklion Museum at an unhurried pace.

This experience was created by
Ioannis Georgiadis
Ioannis and his father Manolis are the go-to experts for private and luxury travel on their home island of Crete. Their local knowledge is simply unparalleled.
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