Guatemala has Reopened for Travel

Best time to visit
January, February, March, October, November, December

Here is an example of the adventure you can enjoy when you explore Guatemala, before the crowds realise they can visit.

Day 1 - Guatemala City to Antigua

Street Food, Antigua

Antigua Street Food Tour


Antigua is a picturesque town of cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and pastel-painted facades. It’s also a melting pot of refined tastes from all over the world. Intrepid gourmands can discover Antigua’s true character on this sensuous tour focused on food and drink. Reveal your tastes to a private guide who will customize a tour to your preferences. Antigua’s highest quality restaurants and watering holes are fairly concentrated in the center of town, so you can walk to make room between stops.Sit outside of the Convento La Merced for proper Guatemalan street food—think rellenitos, enchiladas, and atol blanco—then dip into a dive bar for a mezcal cocktail Then the main course, which could be anything you want, from Guatemalan to Mexican to fusion.

Hotel Las Cruces - Antigua, Patio

Las Cruces Boutique Hotel


Tucked away in the shadow of Volcan de Agua, down a cobblestone street, a stone’s throw from the awesome ruins of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, is Las Cruces Boutique Hotel. From its relaxing interior patio and 17th-century silver decor to its cosmopolitan charm, Las Cruces embodies the character of Antigua itself. Moreover, its central location provides ample opportunity for spontaneous wandering in a city that’s best enjoyed on foot.Stay in the Master Suite with Jacuzzi to experience the culmination of Antigua-flavored extravagance. After a long day of visiting ruined cathedrals, museums, and bustling markets, there's no better way to unwind than by soaking in the jacuzzi on your private patio.

Day 2 - Antigua

Areal photo of the historic old town of Antigua in Guatemala, surrounded by their active volcanos.

Guatemala Volcanos Helicopter Scenic Flight


Like much of Central America, Guatemala’s natural beauty is accentuated by numerous volcanoes. Take to the sky and see these behemoths in their full fiery glory.Your private helicopter will go wherever you like. Perhaps that’s over Acatenango and Fuego, two neighbors near Antigua. Each rises to almost 4000m and Fuego, the shorter of the two, is one of the more consistently erupting volcanoes in the world.Pacaya is another impressive option. While its summit is over a kilometer lower than those of Fuego and Acatenango, Pacaya has erupted frequently since the 1960s—including a few episodes that have rained ash on Guatemala City, nearly 50 kilometers away. From the air, experience the geological violence that has shaped Guatemalan landscapes.

Day 3 - Antigua

Aerial View, Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey Helicopter Tour and Day Trip


Semuc Champey is like something out of a fairytale. Unbelievably clear turquoise water fills a number of stepped limestone pools, cascading through lush jungle.Travel to this almost mystical site by helicopter from Antigua. Soar over farmland and countryside, then vast swaths of pristine jungle before setting down next to the Cahabón River.Follow a trail to the pools and explore the area. This is a place of natural wonder, of absolute bliss. Listen to the sounds of the jungle as you slide down slippery stone to cool off in one of the pools.

Day 4 - Antigua

Typical "chicken buses" in Antigua / Public transportation

Antigua Market Tour


The town of Antigua is a melting pot, where Guatemalan culture and history interacts and blends with cultures from all over the world. Feel this convergence in a tangible way at Antigua’s market, where souvenir shopping meets anthropology.Admire with scores of brightly-colored chicken buses, full of locals ferrying their wares. Then wander between stalls and tour every aspect of Antigua’s unique character, one item at a time.Masterful weavings, fresh lemongrass, quirky folk paintings, invigorating spirits, ponderous carvings, colorful clothing—if it’s not here, you can’t find it in Guatemala.

Market Place, San Juan del Obispo

Antigua Countryside Villages Tour


The simplicity of the countryside beyond Antigua contrasts nicely with the city’s bouquet of history and culture. Experience true Guatemala in the authentic town of San Pedro las Huertas. Learn how Catholicism integrates into the area at the museum at the Archbishop’s Palace in San Juan del Obispo. Connect with traditional Maya and discover their finest textiles in San Antonio Aguas Calientes.Your private guide will deliver a proper insider’s experience, revealing the charm of rural Guatemala.

Days 5 & 6 - Acatenango Volcano

View From the Campsite, Acatenango

Acatenango Volcano Overnight Hike


Safely watch a volcano erupt all night long! From barely two kilometres away!Acatenango is a stratovolcano that stands nearly 4000m high. Begin near its base and hike through a number of fascinating ecoregions before setting up camp on a high shoulder and waiting for the show to begin.Volcan de Fuego, Acatenango’s neighbor, is one of the most active volcanoes on earth. It erupts 300 - 500 times a day. Watch smoke and debris get shot into the air as your private guides prepare dinner. Once the sun goes down, see fiery red magma erupt from the crater and spill down its steep sides. After a night’s sleep, continue to Acatenango’s summit for an unforgettable sunrise and a gawp down into Fuego’s erupting cone.

Days 7 & 8 - Tikal

Ancient Maya Ruins, Tikal

Tikal Daytime Tour


Tikal is one of the great archeological wonders of the world. An ancient Mayan city built over centuries, it still stands tall, with its temples rising above the dense canopy.Hike through a jungle—ringing with the sounds of insects, songs of birds, and the occasional call of a howler monkey—until you step out of the trees and into the Gran Plaza. Temples tower around you, stunning in their symmetry. Your private guide will show you around the plazas, temples, and acropoli of this sprawling city. The guide enriches your experience with a history of the Classic Maya period, and insights into the lives of those who once walked this ground.

Sunrise over Temple Valley, Tikal

Tikal Sunrise Tour (Before the Park Opens)


Tikal’s commanding temples are particularly impressive at dawn, as the sun rises and paints their pale flanks with pink and orange light.Enter the park before anyone else and navigate the dark jungle with your private guide. See the bright eyes of deer and tapir sneaking between the trees. Listen as your guide explains the history of the ancient city, which was at its prime nearly 2,000 years ago.Climb the many steps of Temple IV as the sky brightens and the songs of tody motmots and orioles wake the rainforest. See the Mayan city’s other temples catch the dawn, before descending and exploring in daylight.

Day 9 - Departure