What To Do In Guatemala

What To Do In Guatemala - 50 Moments For Your Bucketlist

Guatemala is a land of surprise, where soaring volcanoes mingle with welcoming local culture and no shortage of charm. This is destined to be one of the world's next big travel destinations - it's ridiculously pretty, feels like an adventure, and there's a wonderful variety of what you can do in Guatemala. Think safely glamping alongside an erupting volcano, Antigua's cultural enchantment, stunning Mayan ruins at Tikal and a beautiful coastline. And that's just the start. Guatemala is opening up to tourism and you can still explore while it's off the beaten path.

Immersed in Local Culture - Ruins, Traditions, Mayans and More

Guatemala evokes a living history and you can feel local culture at almost every turn. Redolent Mayan ancestry continues to influence modern-day culture. Epic ruins speak of the treasures from yesteryear. Colorful markets and lively cuisine can enhance any experience. From big city backstreets to traditional villages, Guatemala has a culture that will invite all your senses.

Guatemala Accommodation Experiences

Guatemala is the next big Central American destination. As Costa Rica evolved from backwater to major international destination, Guatemala is destined to do the same. A handful of exceptional accommodations are the starting point for luxury experiences, as the country evolves from backpacker hub into something more. Ten years from now the country will have a lot more tourism and tourists. But for now, you can enjoy real authenticity away from the crowds, as showcased by some of this accommodation.

Active Things To Do in Guatemala

Guatemala always feels like an adventure, whether you're wandering Mayan ruins or face to face with lava flows. Like elsewhere in Central America, this is a destination for adventure. There's so much to consider for your bucketlist, from the coast to the volcanoes and all the national parks in between.

What To Do In Guatemala - Experiences on the Water

Lake Atitlan stretches blissfully beneath three volcanoes. Pacific waves are perfect for surfing away from crowds. You can scuba dive to a sunken Mayan city, an adventure as surreal as any Indiana Jones movie. Or you can raft and kayak beneath a forest canopy. Whatever you dream for your Guatemala bucketlist, a local travel designer can make it reality.