What To Do In Japan

Your Bucketlist - What To Do In Japan

Japan nurtures the unique. From its ancient traditions to the tales of tomorrow, this is a vibrant country of immersive moments. Every moment is filled with contrasts and your bucketlist will surely reflect a nation's wonderfully diverse fabric. Meetings with monks, cocktails in sky bars, temples, monkeys, neon, and what to do in Japan when the possibility is infinite.

Experience Traditional Japanese Culture

Nothing is copied in Japan and an immersion in local culture is absolute. Wherever you go, whatever you do, there's no doubt that this country creates the most original of travel moments. There are so many mythical names you can experience and understand, like Samurai, Geisha, Taiko, Maiko, Noh, Ukiyoe and Ninja.

Japan's Best Stays

Japanese accommodation is integral to your experience and befits the country's cultural contrasts. From skyscraper suites to cute old-world ryokans, a journey through Japan allows you to sample a wonderful variety of accommodation. Few countries offer such a myriad of distinctive options. Experimenting with a new accommodation styles is part of what makes Japan such a memorable place to travel.

Uncovering Japanese Cuisine With Local Masters

Japan celebrates the continual pursuit of perfection, exemplified by the full sphere of Japanese cuisine. The attention to detail is majestic to watch, whether in a sake brewery or beneath the skilled fingers of a sushi chef. This isn't just a cuisine to taste and explore, it's a gastronomy that delights in flawless touch.

What To Do In Japan With Martial Arts

Don't just watch, but participate in Japan's original martial arts. Feel the atmosphere, inhale the musty scents, and discover a form of precision far more real than the movies suggest.

Japanese Moments With Artisans and Crafts

Japanese art also takes on its own form and history. Think Manga in a Tokyo basement, ink painting with local masters, poetry and pottery and private experiences with contemporary art legends.

What To Do In Japanese Gardens

Japan is a riveting ride through history and change, as well as a vibrant immersion in the sounds of tomorrow. It's busy and bustling, the urban landscape seeming to stretch for eternity. But then you escape to Japanese gardens and find absolute Zen and tranquility. Gardens are so integral to the travel experience as they help you take a break and process everything else.

Uncovering the Local Side to Japanese Cities

Go behind the scenes and beyond closed doors, to uncover the ultimate highlights in changing cities. Japan is not the country for bus tours to famous sights. The best stuff is hidden away and you need expert local guides to navigate realms of tradition and culture.

Zen Travel Moments

You can experience moments of Zen all over the world, but only in Japan are they truly Zen, guided by masters practiced in the ancient art.

Complete Your Japan Bucketlist With These Unusual Moments

What to do in Japan is always to do something different. Escape into nature, be guided by bright lights, sample fine wasabi and ride a go kart through Tokyo dressed like Super Mario.