What To Do In Ireland

40+ Bucketlist Ideas - What To Do In Ireland

Land in Ireland and most travel preconceptions are immediately answered. It's green and serene, the valleys stretching out beneath wispy layers of mist. Hundreds of pubs line the streets, each enticing and intriguing with their promise of a real pint of Guinness. Then there's the locals, ever-smiling, ever-welcoming, always taking visitors off the beaten track. The Emerald Aisle delights in offering exactly what many travelers are hoping for: an authentic journey into a traditional country. So what to do in Ireland isn't just hanging around Dublin's city centre and following the bus-tour-heavy route to Blarney Castle and the Ring of Kerry. Consider these 40+ ideas for your Ireland travel bucketlist.

Best Places to Stay in Ireland

All across Ireland you can be transported to a different time, simply by choosing some of the best places to stay. Castles have been converted to hotels and old manors provide a decadent welcome. The island is famed for its hospitality and the best places to stay add a regal grandeur to the experience.

Discover Irish Traditions

It's not a pint of Guinness unless it's being pulled in an Irish pub. It's not Ireland without a storyteller. And it's not an authentic travel experience without going beyond the bus tour route. From James Joyce to backcountry gastronomy, there are many avenues to explore across this green island.

Irish Landscapes

Low stone walls, thatched roof houses, sheep filled meadows rolling onto golden sand beaches. Part of your Ireland bucketlist can be island escapism, journeying around an area of natural splendor and villages from a 19th century fairytale. The evocative rolling landscapes of Ireland are most famously found on the Ring of Kerry, a loop of traditional villages that stand amidst mystical valleys of endearing enchantment. Or perhaps at the Cliffs of Moher and Giants Causeway. But there is more, a whole lot more.

Explore Ireland's Unique Regions

Ireland promises history and medieval splendor. Before you arrive it's easy to picture the crumbling castle walls and streets of cobbled stone and intrigue. Yet each region is different and there's a distinction between tiny corner pubs to streets and traditional markets and then hilltop views over a languid landscape of green and heather.