Reptile Safari on San Cristobal Island, Galapagos

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the Galapagos capital and is one of only two airports here. At least half of all Galapagos trips pass through the small town and it’s not just a dull layover. A local guide will take you out on a reptile safari, a fitting first or final wildlife moment on your archipelago adventure. 

Admire giant San Cristobal tortoises in a Tortoise Reserve, where the remarkable reptiles move at astonishing speeds. Look away and it’s amazing how fast a tortoise can disappear into the grass!

Lava lizards dot the trail as well as enormous iguanas that blend expertly into the rocks. After the safari you can stop at the Galapagos National Park Visitor Center, which provides insight into a conservation history from Darwin to the present day.