Rome Long Weekend Break

Best time to visit
August, September, October

The coronavirus pandemic has massively affected travel but there are still some opportunities for travelers wanting to get away safely. Rome is usually too overcrowded to visit in summer but with all the restrictions and new safety measures it’s now relatively quiet.

This experience is full of the most extraordinary things to do in Rome and the Vatican, offering you a complete dose of Italian and Roman moments. You will find authenticity here, as you enjoy private travel moments that keep you away from hotspots.

Private guides will show you around and everything in this experience can be adjusted. So take this as a starting point and put Rome to the top of your bucketlist for 2020. For most nationalities there is no quarantine or testing on arrival.

Day 1 - Rome Introductions

A short walking tour is a great way to get your bearings and learn how to stay safe in Rome.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Walking Tour of Rome


Look around you as you stand in the People’s Square, and marvel at its sheer size and at the majestic buildings surrounding it. Climb down the Spanish steps and remember fondly that lovely scene between Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Admire the fountain in Navona Square, and the imposing monuments in Venice Square.Then, let your guide take you to hidden places, to quiet corners of Rome that will catch your fancy and make lovely memories.And don’t forget to throw your coin in the Trevi Fountain. Because you will want to see Rome again.

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi Rome

Stay at Palazzo Manfredi in Rome


Peer out of your hotel window and you can almost hear the lions roar. You can see the Colosseum, so close you can taste history on the breeze. For Ancient Rome you have the best location in the city. Yet remarkably, the surrounding Celio enclave has remained mostly free of overtourism. Nestled in the hotel you feel like a Roman count.2000 years of changing Roman styles create a unique interior (the exuberant design of legendary Giorgia Dennerlein), and from the rooftop there’s no better view of Rome. Oh, and that rooftop is also home to a Michelin-starred restaurant, such are the little touches at Palazzo Manfredi.

Day 2 - Famous Roman Highlights

Discover the icons on a day of private experiences.

Forum, Rome, Italy

Special Access to the Roman Forum


Follow your guide through the darkened corridors of the historical mansion. Now you come to a halt before an old door.You hear the key rasping in the keyhole, the hinges creaking, and then — light.Bright daylight in your eyes. You are on a balcony, as if suspended in mid-air; and right in front is the imposing marble colonnade of the Roman Forum.Twenty centuries of history look at you. And from here you will appreciate them from a whole different perspective, at your leisure, and undisturbed by the crowds that gather below.

Discovery Rome

Rome Helicopter Tour


Look down at Rome. From up in the air you are even more struck by the size and grandeur of this city. Towers, domes, theatres and temples lie below, in a vast continuum of ancient glories.You will find yourself remembering a poem: “Earth has not anything to show more fair, and dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty...”You will not pass it by.

Mosaic School, Rome

Exclusive Access to The House of Wonders Private Home in Rome


Admire the antique furniture, the precious artworks on the walls, the family heirlooms on display. Ask your hosts — members of an old, aristocratic Roman family — all you would like to know about the history of this house and its treasures.You will hear fascinating stories.Then, they will take you below ground, and show you the most precious treasure in the house: Roman ruins from the first century BC, recently found. Archaeologists are still discovering and studying them; and none but exclusive visitors like yourself are able to see them.

Day 3 - Offbeat Roman Wonder

Tour beyond the centre and get to know authentic Rome.

Detail View of an old Fiat 500, Rome, Italy

Vintage Car Tour in Rome


The charming vintage convertible takes you on a tour of Rome’s most beautiful and historic places, from the imposing Colosseum to the Roman ruins on Oppian Hill and to the Cestia Pyramid.On Aventine Hill your driver stops the car.Sitting in the shade under the Mediterranean pines, you will open the bottle of Prosecco. Sip it slowly, gazing at the panorama of the majestic city spread before you.

Art Background, Italy

Private Access to Collector's House and Its Treasures in Rome


You enter the secluded courtyard, and the incessant noise of the city outside is cut short. There is something timeless about this splendid private house. And the owner himself is your amiable host. You feel the passion of the art dealer as he introduces you to the precious objects he keeps here: ancient Roman curiosities, modern and contemporary artworks, beautiful medieval pieces...Later he will offer you a drink, then take you to the highlight of his house: a secret place, theatre of old traditions.And you will realize the timelessness of this place is the timelessness of great art itself.

Private Cooking Lessonn, Rome, Italy

Cooking Class in a Rome Noble Palace


As you follow your host and tutor through the market, you are learning how to choose the very best ingredients for the meal you will prepare together. Back in his elegant aristocratic house, your host — an extraordinary chef and a member of Roman nobility — will show you how to prepare his recipes, which are all inspired by Italian traditions. The flowers you bought at the market are used for decorating a perfect dinner table.You will dine on the terrace, open to the indigo night and the fresh breeze, the city lights and the silhouettes of Roman glory.

Day 4 - The Vatican, After Hours

Spend the day exploring at your pace before exclusive after hours access to the Vatican Museums.

St Peters Basilica in Vatican City, Italy

Private Access to the Vatican Museums, Including the Sistine Chapel


Maybe you come because to you this is a holy place. Maybe it’s art itself that is sacred to you. In either case, you feel the grandeur of these museums as you advance from room to room and from collection to collection, in the solitude of an after-hours tour.There’s no one but you and your guide.Your footsteps are the only ones to resound in the vast marble interiors. And when you stop, there is utter silence. You contemplate Giotto’s Stefaneschi Triptych, the perfect body of a Roman statue, Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel — jewels collected over the centuries by many popes.You will wander at your leisure and, unhindered, undisturbed, will immerse yourself in millennia of art.

Palace dinner setup, Italy

Romantic Dinner at a Private Palace in Rome


Let your feelings be touched by the moving notes from the violin as you two sip your appéritif. Then, follow the master of the house to discover the picture gallery and the historical rooms of this 17th-century mansion.In one of these rooms, lined with original furniture and décor, an elegant candlelit dinner awaits you. Before and during dinner, live classical music will float around you, the sweet sounds of the harp matching the fiery sweetness of the wine, lifting your hearts to a sphere of beauty.You will end the evening dancing in each other’s arms.

Day 5 - Departure