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Embrace old-world wonder and travel between continents and eras, as you discover the best of Turkey. Archaeological sites are wonderfully quiet. Beautiful coastlines await. A traditional Turkish gullet makes travel blissful and private. And there is a sense of mystery to uncover at every turn.

Day 1 - Istanbul

Deluxe Room, St. Regis Istanbul

St. Regis Istanbul


Along the streets of Istanbul’s vibrant Nisantasi district, the St. Regis sits elegantly, inviting you into its fine quarters. A grand selection of suites awaits, in one of Turkey’s most iconic hotels.Outside your private chambers, cosmopolitan chic meets timeless decor. Discover the hotel’s exclusive artwork collection, featuring masterpieces from the likes of Sam Francis and Andy Warhol, among others.Rejuvenate from the day’s wanderings by treating yourself at the Iridium Spa, an enclave full of gentle mosaics and beige marble walls. Enjoy exquisite rooftop dining and a divine choice of cuisine, complemented by the dancing lights of Istanbul at night.

Day 2 - Istanbul

Old City Tour, Istanbul

Istanbul Old City Tour


The tale of Istanbul transcends time. Home to a colourful culture full of artistic tradition, discover the magic and mystery of the city with a journey through its most cherished scenes.The walls of the Old City offer a labyrinth of history and architectural delight. Enter the Hagia Sophia and witness its transformation firsthand. From cathedral to mosque and now museum, the building itself is a snippet into the country’s proud past.Witness the beauty of the Blue Mosque, with its glorious minarets and intricately adorned interior. Uncover what remains of the Hippodrome of Constantinople and the bustle of the Grand Bazaar. Expect laughter and ancestral anecdotes from your local guide, as he unveils the secrets of this intriguing land.

Day 3 - Istanbul

Bosphorus Yacht Cruise, Istanbul

Bosphorus Yacht Cruise in Istanbul


Istanbul by boat is a thrilling delight. The city opens before you as you make your way down the historic Bosphorus strait. Cruise through gorgeous waters in your own private yacht, and witness continents coming together. This is a unique journey along the edge of two worlds.Painted in culture and jovial spirit, the streets beyond the bank bursts with life. Experience the colours and scents of the city, as an exhilarating breeze and visual pleasures work in harmony, bringing you a beguiling ride through the historic site where Europe and Asia meet.

Day 4 - Istanbul

Chef making baklava with nuts at restaurant.

Baklava Workshop in Istanbul


Treat your taste buds to pure pleasure, as you spoil yourself with a sweet workshop full of classic flavours. Join your local chef in the creation of magic, in this quintessential culinary experience located in the heart of Istanbul.Luscious desserts wait to be crafted. Expect sensory surprises behind each bite. These native treats have travelled far, carrying with them the charms of Turkish culture. Try your hand at their decoration, as you work on timeless local recipes.Pleasant conversation and an intimate setting combine, bringing you a warm and light-hearted class that will long be cherished.

The Haseki Hurrem Sultan Hamami is a Turkish hamam that was commissioned by Sultan Suleiman I's consort Hürrem and constructed by Mimar Sinan during the 16th century in Istanbul.

Hammam Experience in Istanbul


To visit Turkey and not lather in the magic of a hammam, is to enter a palace and only see the courtyard. Nestled near the Hagia Sophia, the Hurrem Sultan Hammam invites you to surrender your senses and rejuvenate in style.Constructed in the 16th century, this historic Ottoman bathhouse is the ultimate Turkish bathing experience. Feel like a Sultan, as you unwind among marble floors and dazzling domes. Soak up the scent of traditional soaps, a gentle blend adding further serenity to this tranquil space.Relinquish negative energy and submit to pure pleasure, as your attendant treats you to a famed scrub-massage. Steamy ambiance and the soothing sounds of water running combine, bringing you a therapeutic tradition designed for royalty.

Days 5 - 7 - Cruising the Turkish Coastline

Zwei türkische Gulets in einer Buch an der Lykischen Küste.

Multi-day Blue Cruise on a Turkish Gulet


Cruise your way down Turkey’s bluest waters, on a multi-day tour of the country’s finest coastal gems. A stunning selection of routes await your exploration, each offering their own blend of history, culture, beaches and refined pleasure.Prepare to sail the seas in style as the ocean stretches before you, a twinkle in her eye as the waves roll in. The breeze feels divine, aboard your private gulet yacht. Sink into the therapeutic warmth of the waters, as you enjoy a secluded swim away from the crowds.Turkish gulets are traditional wooden sailing boats. Yours has been thoroughly updated and provides contemporary luxury along with an air of heritage. Expect thrilling water excursions when you want them. Think heavenly sunset dining from a private chef. Unwind in richly furnished cabins. And spend the days bay hopping, visiting villages and discovering ruins.

Day 8 - Antalya

Day Trip, Kekova

Demre Myra Kekova Trip


Uncover the secrets of Turkey’s most seductive sights, with this private tour of its most hidden treasures. The sunken island of Kekova welcomes you first. Discover crumbling steps leading into the sea. Swim through turquoise waters, with a refreshing dip around the edge of this underwater city.The ancient lands of Demre and Myra are yours to explore next. Learn more about their fascinating histories from your expert guide, as you stumble upon old Roman ruins and Lycian Rock Tombs.Beautiful yet forgotten, these unique sites offer a glimpse into the past and an experience full of enchantment.

Day 9 - Konya

Mevlana Mosque in Konya City

Konya City and Sufism Tour


A gem of the Ottomon Empire and the birthplace of Sufism, the city of Konya is drenched in culture. Discover the mystical values of the Sufi tradition, as you learn more about its famed founder, Rumi, from your local guide.A poet, scholar, spiritual guide and more, there is much to marvel at when it comes to Rumi. This is the setting of his many revelations. These are the streets where he completed his works.Visit the Mevlana Museum for a chance to truly understand the depths of his influence. Take a walk through history, uncovering the stunning mosques and ancient madrasas that further enrich the heritage of this unique old city.

Day 10 - Cappadocia

Rock Terrace, Argos Hotel, Cappadocia

Argos Hotel in Cappadocia


Begin your Cappadocia adventure with an alluring stay at the Argos. This is a cave hotel with a timeless concept. Discover the magic captured within its ancient walls, as you stroll through stone rooms full of character and charm.Set against the hilltop village of Uchisar, you will be treated to unrivalled views of the gorgeous valley below. Wake up in rustic lodgings and feel the excitement in the air. Let go of any worries, as you rejuvenate in this mystical retreat.Distinct architecture meets modern design. Make yourself at home among Mother Nature, as the warm staff provide an extra dose of comfort to your stay.

Day 11 - Cappadocia

Balloon Flight, Cappadocia

Balloon Flight Over Cappadocia


The air is full of promise as you wait in anticipation. Settled comfortably in your own private basket, the inflated balloon looms overhead, a curve of colour against the sky above. A moment later, and you feel yourself gently lift off the ground.You float effortlessly, rising higher towards a layer of clouds, white and puffy and all too inviting. The sky stretches before you, as the sun starts to rise. The world below feels infinite and far away.You drift through a scene from a dream, soaring over Cappadocia’s famed fairy chimneys. The landscape views do not disappoint, dotted with tranquil valleys and fellow flyers. Sparkling champagne and a bountiful buffet breakfast wait for you upon your descent.

Romantic Valley Dinner, Cappadocia

Cappadocia Valleys Private Dining


The enchanting valleys of Cappadocia make for a magical backdrop. Enjoy a traditional Turkish meal in the company of this majestic landscape, from a secret location offering complete privacy.Fresh flavours and tantalising scents lace the air. Dig into a selection of heavenly dishes, prepared exclusively for your table. Sample innovative Anatolian cuisine, while your private chef cooks up the next surprise.Design your dining to the time that suits. Witness the flight of the hot air balloons as you devour breakfast. Dinnertime promises candle-lit romance. Treat yourself to a cocktail as a local violinist serenades you, adding soft notes and gentle tunes to an already delightful evening.

Day 12 - Cappadocia

Ebru Art Experience, Cappadocia

Ebru Art Experience, Cappadocia


Uncover the ancient art of Ebru, an old and long-loved craft among the Turkish people. Spread the limits of your creativity as you experiment with paint, before transferring these sprinkled patterns to a surface of your choosing. Paper, silk and ceramic are the most classic options.Try your hand at this vibrant process and watch colourful designs come to life. Gain new skills and discover your own aesthetic style. Learn more about the history of this innovative trade from a Cappadocian master.The self-made art is yours to keep. Light-hearted exchanges and your new souvenir add further doses of pleasure to this unforgettable class.

View of ancient Nevsehir cave town and a castle of Uchisar dug from a mountains in Cappadocia, Central Anatolia,Turkey.

Cappadocia Christian Heritage Tour


Cappadocia’s churches tell their own story. Centuries old, these charismatic structures carry the tale of Christian heritage that once existed in the region. Insightful and alluring, this is a private tour taking you deep into the past of this proud and ancient nation.Unveil the secrets for yourself, as you explore these ancestral houses of worship, some of which date back to the Roman era. Discover candid interiors and let history come to life. Isolated and forgotten, these rustic exteriors and aged sites are a true testament to Turkey’s impressive and constantly changing culture.

Day 13 - Departure

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