Two Weeks in Belize

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Belize offers superb diversity. It can be many vacations rolled into one, from Mayan history to cave tubing, snorkeling the world’s second longest reef to local culture and history. And of course there are plenty of lazy days on the Caribbean as well.

Travel to Belize for this relaxed two-week experience and take in the full array of highlights. This experience was created by a leading travel designer for a Kated member. If you want to visit Belize you can enjoy an itinerary fully tailored to your wishes and requests.

Day 1 - Belize City to a Private Island

Cayo Espanto Private Island

Cayo Espanto


Open water surrounds the most exclusive accommodation in Belize. Cayo Espanto is a private island three miles off the coast of San Pedro—splendid isolation and the perfect home base for any manner of sea-going adventure. Arrive by helicopter or boat and settle into your own ocean-front villa. Feel the breeze at the end of your private dock or swim in the inviting water.Master chefs draw ingredients from fruit trees and the surrounding sea, crafting meals specially designed according to your tastes and preferences. At the end of each day, it’s the rippling water, the waving palm fronds, and the quiet that make this place so special.

Days 2 - 4 - Caribbean Pleasures

Female underwater

Snorkeling at Mexico Rocks Next to Ambergris Caye


Mexico Rocks is an isolated patch reef, a hotspot for sea life sitting alone in shallow, sunny waters.Fantastic coral formations, including broad fans and textured brain-like surfaces, serve as a playground for some of Belize’s iconic species. Huge lobsters clamber over coral while soft sponges are played upon by the tide. Moray eels gawk at nurse sharks gliding overhead.Snorkel down and visit this underwater world, brilliantly lit and accessible even for first-time snorkelers.

beautiful horizon with palopa with sailboat docked

Catamaran Charter in Hol Chan Marine Reserve


Bask in sunshine on the deck of your private catamaran, occasionally peering over the side to see dozens of nurse sharks and stingrays swimming around you.Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a truly unique destination on the Belize Barrier Reef. Centered around a narrow channel in the expansive reef, Hol Chan is home to shoals of tropical fish, sea turtles, sharks, and rays in numbers you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.Tour the reserve at your own pace from the comfort of your private catamaran. Whenever you want, just jump off to swim and snorkel among abundant wildlife.

Belize Barrier Reef Scenic Helicopter Flight


Hundreds of sandy cayes and mangrove islands. Astonishingly clear turquoise water. The world-famous Great Blue Hole.Soar high enough to appreciate the abstract beauty of atolls emerging from shallow seawater and then drop low enough to pick out manatees, sharks, and stingrays swimming around the reef.Absorb the astonishing scale of the second largest barrier reef on earth from a bird’s perspective. A helicopter ride over the Belize Barrier Reef and its almost mythical Blue Hole is an experience like no other.

fly fisherman, Belize

Boat Fishing Trip Around Ambergris Caye


The flats next to Ambergris Caye offer some of the best fishing on earth. Travel by small boat out onto the water and let your expert guides locate the fish—this part won’t be hard. These warm, shallow waters are teeming with bonefish, permit, snook, and other species. There’s plenty for both fly-fishers and spin-casters. Whatever your style, you’re bound to land catch after catch while the boat rocks on azure water, in the sun and the warmth of a glorious Belizean day.

Days 5 to 7 - San Ignacio

Chaa Creek Lodge Swimming Pool

Chaa Creek Resort


Chaa Creek Resort is Belize’s first jungle lodge, having evolved over four decades from a small family farm to one of the country’s premier luxury retreats. Stay in the Ix Chel villas, oases of comfort set in tranquil rainforest and open to encompassing views of pristine jungle.Focus on birdsong and the bubbling of the Macal River, with the help of in-room massages, babysitters, and your own personal butler.Or simply recharge in any of the resort’s cottages, each decorated with decadent, traditional details, designed for absolute seclusion and relaxation.

Chaa Creek Lodge Helicopter

Scenic Helicopter Transfer to Chaa Creek


See the splendor of inland Belize from the perspective of its many iconic birds.Fly over sparkling lagoons and rivers snaking through the jungle. See limestone cliffs, gaping cave mouths, and a 1,600-foot waterfall.Watch jungle canopy writhe in the wake of traveling howler monkeys and spot brightly colored birds take flight.Choose your route from Belize International Airport to Chaa Creek Resort on the banks of the Macal River and see what Belize has in store for you.

Several ancient Mayan clay pots in a row along the wall of a natural limestone cave. Pot shards litter the floor.

Che Chem Ha Caves Spelunking Plus Xunantunich Tour


Sacrificial altars and hundreds of examples of fine Mayan pottery lay in quiet darkness, undisturbed for millennia, until a dog stumbled upon the entrance to Che Chem Ha Cave in the 1980s.Step into this world of stillness and ancient mystery. Venture deep into the Maya Mountains, along hundreds of meters of black tunnels lit only by your headlamp. Arrive at a large chamber and then explore the connecting ceremonial rooms. Tread lightly—ancient artifacts abound, lying where they were left roughly two thousand years ago.Afterward, visit another archeological site above ground. Xunantunich was once a bustling Mayan city. Millennia later, all that remains are large plazas surrounded by pyramids.

Stalactites in the Barton Creek Cave, Cayo, Belize, South America

Actun Tunichil Muknal Tour - San Ignacio


Follow the steps of ancient Mayans and explore one of the most impressive burial sites in the region.Enter the mouth of Actun Tunichil Muknal. The ancient Mayans held many sacrificial offerings in this unearthly cave system, and you will swim and squeeze your way between passages to see the evidence.Blood-letting blades, finger bones, and complete skeletons lie untouched after thousands of years. The tour culminates with the “crystal maiden”—the skeleton of a young woman, now encrusted with calcium, whose remains emit a surreal, glittering facade.

Days 8 - 10 - Placencia

Iguana sunning on Monkey River in Belize

Monkey River Experience in Placencia


Monkey River twists its way into southern Belize from the Caribbean Sea. Travel up the river and experience Belizean nature. Think crocodiles sunning on the riverbanks, iguana’s tails hanging from branches as they lounge, and of course, the haunting cries of the howler monkey (for which the river is named).Your captain will anchor the boat and you can set off into the rainforest on fresh-cut trails, in pursuit of yet more wildlife. Keep your eyes out for jaguar!

One white horse standing in tropical environment. Rear view

Horseback Riding in Placencia


Explore the Belizean rainforest on horseback.Little Bill Hill is a charming 1,800-acre ranch in San Roman. Ride along ten miles of trails, snaking through untouched rainforest and broad fields with views of the landscape.Your private guide will provide interpretive commentary, describing the various plants and animal species you encounter along the way.

The Blue Hole Lighthouse Reef Belize

Dive the Great Blue Hole


Before the last ice age, a great limestone cave system formed in what is now the sea off Belize’s coast. As the ice retreated, waters rose and the cave flooded. What remains is often counted among the great wonders of the natural world: the Blue Hole.A circular sinkhole whose depths vanish into the deepest blue, the Blue Hole’s novel ecosystem attracts everything from flounders to scuba divers. Picture steep walls bejeweled with rich coral, sharks navigating between sunken stalactites, rays drifting in the abyss.The Blue Hole dive requires a minimum depth of 100 feet, so intrepid divers must have an Advanced scuba certification to explore its wonders.

Days 11 - 13 - Caribbean Cruising

An aerial image of a catamaran anchored near a tropical coral reef.

Multi-day Southern Belize Catamaran Cruise


Choose your itinerary and cruise around the southern half of Belize on your own private yacht.Snorkel the magnificent Belize Barrier Reef. Lounge on an exclusive postcard-worthy beach at South Water Caye. Paddle through Bluefield Range mangrove forests. Hang out in the laid-back beach town of Placencia. Enjoy world-class scuba diving. Spot seabirds, sharks, macaws, manatees, dolphins, and many more iconic animals.Experience the best of southern Belize from the comfort of your catamaran, manned by an all-star crew. After each day’s adventure, watch the sunset while you dine on the catch of the day.

Day 14 - Departure