Belize Vacation

Belize Vacation - 50+ Bucketlist Ideas

Caribbean bliss meets Mayan beauty and wildlife-filled jungle - what's not to love about a Belize vacation! It's tropical, colourful, and dominated by moments of stillness. Explore 50+ ideas for your Belize vacation bucketlist.

Best Places to Stay on a Belize Vacation

The best Belize accommodation is all about privacy and space, whether you're out on a private island or deep in the forest. Here is a small selection of what can be possible for your Belize vacation.

Snorkel & Dive in Belize

Biodiversity reigns at the world's second largest reef chain. Every individual reef is different and the Belize coastline provides a wonderful variety of dives and snorkels. Here are just some you can try, beyond the blue Hole.

Belize Vacations Can Include More Than The Coast

Explore the mainland and you fill find that Belize holds many treasures. Like ruins, waterfalls, caves, jaguars, birds, hikes and climbing adventures.

Escape the World and Relax on the Caribbean Coast

This is the classic Belize vacation, cruising along the Caribbean coastline and resting up on private islands. Go fishing, diving, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and everything else as you wish. But most importantly, find time to getaway from everyday and fully relax.

Adventures for Your Belize Vacation

Most visitors are surprised by how much adventure there is to find in Belize. This isn't just a country of coastal colours. It's a destination where you can create the adventure your way, often with a lot of indigenous wildlife.

Explore Mayan Culture

What is now Belize was formerly the land of the Mayas. Mayan culture lives on in a few isolated places. And the cultural history still stands proud. The tallest building in Belize was built by the Mayas 800 years ago. To this day there's nothing higher than Caracol. So much more awaits as you discover culture on a Belize vacation.