What to do in Morocco

50+ Bucketlist Ideas - What To Do In Morocco

Immerse yourself in the beauty of colour and spice, in a country that guides your senses in many directions. Traverse magnificent old cities, explore mountains and desert, wander winding alleyways and find the ultimate ideas for what to do in Morocco. From souks to Sahara, sounds to smells, indulge in these private travel moments.

Accommodation Experiences Across Morocco

Morocco doesn't just have place to stay. Riads are works of art, exemplifying the culture and style of the cities they inhabit. Palaces await and they serenade you with stories. Camps provide seclusion and old-world luxury amid the dunes. Everywhere around exudes culture and history, so you can live out heritage wherever you go. Here is a selection of traveler favourites.

What to Do in Morocco - Marrakech Travel Moments

Uncover the highlights of a surprising city, with locals who also like to sidestep tourist hoards. Marrakech is a completely different destination dependent on who is your guide. For there are the tourist streets and the everyday hassle, and then there is 1000 years that have made this one of the most enchanting places on the planet.

Get Active Across Morocco

Morocco is a country of space, a destination where you retreat from the everyday and find silence in otherworldly landscapes. From the coast to the mountains and the endless Sahara, some of the best things to do in Morocco can feel like they're a thousand miles from anywhere.

Another Side to Morocco's Culture

Travel designers can help you discover the real Morocco, away from the crowded tourist souks. This is a country filled with local connections, if you know who to ask.

Discovering Morocco's Ancient Cities

Whether small towns or bustling cities, everywhere in Morocco is steeped in history. Berber men dressed in traditional jelaba lead donkeys through narrow winding alleyways and the scent of mint tea infuses the air. Sitting on a rooftop terrace, looking out across the flat-topped ancient buildings of a kasbah, with the call to prayer resonating around, is an enduring memory of any Morocco destination.