Indonesia Vacation

50+ Bucketlist Ideas for your Indonesia Vacation

Lush rice paddies flowing around Balinese temples. Epic volcanoes peeking over empty beaches. More than 40 distinct ethnic groups and cultures, found along an archipelago of Pacific islands. An Indonesia vacation is a travel dream for many and there is more than Bali. This diverse country is set to become one of the world's great travel destinations, as travelers start venturing beyond Bali. It is a country ripe for exploration.

The Best of Bali

Escape the crowds of Kuta and Denpasar to discover the soulful heart of Bali and Balinese culture. Wander active volcanoes, dine in rice paddies, explore the coffee, and connect to dance and design. These are some of the extraordinary moments you can enjoy on an Indonesia vacation.

Explore Beyond Bali

Look beyond Bali and there is an entire archipelago, stretching thousands of kilometres across the South Pacific. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands - just imagine the possibility! Most of these are inaccessible but infrastructure is developing rapidly and there are many extraordinary places that are now both luxurious and off the beaten path.

Where to Stay in Indonesia

Be inspired by a small selection of the best places to stay for an Indonesia vacation, from Bali and beyond, to Komodo and private islands.

Balinese Culture

Bali has a wonderful ability to slow you down and immerse you in its traditions. Explore these remarkable moments with Balinese culture, including temples, meditation and ceremonies.