Louvre Abu Dhabi Visit With Art Expert

A geometric dome ceiling falls on a floating museum, relying on light projection to decorate its interior. This is a fine collaboration of french art expertise and the UAE’s innovative architectural visions, to connect humanity and creativity. 

Featuring worldwide historic and modern art, you can expect seasonal exhibitions like Roads of Arabia, modern Japanese decor, and loaned artefacts from France. Strolling or even kayaking around the Louvre is dream-like. With serene waters and its pristine white design, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is a new urban wonder on Saadiyat Island.

The museum’s ethos is to spark curiosity, respect, and soul-searching while celebrating its multicultural heritage that it is today. You will explore with a private art expert, for the ultimate insight into the other Louvre.

This experience was created by
Tarek Nair
Tarek was creating tailored luxury Dubai trips long before most travelers knew about Dubai. His local expertise, knowledge and skills are unmatched.
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