1. Only the best travel designers

Kated handpicks and pre-vets every travel designer on the platform. We do not entertain travel agents and do not believe that any travel designer can be a specialist for more than a small number of destinations.

Only true experts can provide the requisite degree of excellence and specialism. Our criteria for travel designers is based upon:

  • Geographical authority – localised on-the-ground specialism is essential for authentic experiences and expedited troubleshooting.
  • Industry recommendations and reputation –  we handpick travel designers who are internationally regarded as market leaders for their specific destinations.
  • Maintaining 5* feedback for all Kated trips – if it’s only 4* we’re not happy either.

2. Your travel money is held in escrow 

For most trips your money is held securely in escrow. It’s only released to the travel designer upon successful completion of the trip. If a trip is cancelled due to travel restrictions you can be refunded immediately, without forms, phone calls or delays.

Using escrow helps to further ensure a travel designer delivers on the trip they promised. Not all travel designers use the escrow system and this is clearly indicated on their profile and before you make a booking.

3. Impartial mediation

We don’t have a branded sales method nor do we provide training to travel designers. We facilitate a direct connection between travelers and travel designers, then meditate any issues or disagreements. This is based upon:

  • Understanding the separation between expectation and reality.
  • Determining what went wrong and why – this is far more valuable than who is right and wrong.
  • Facilitating travelers and travel designers towards shared agreement over what happens next and any refunds.

You will always have a named Kated mediator to contact if any issue arises. In our experience, this helps to prevent misunderstandings before they escalate.

4. Money-back guarantee

If it wasn’t awesome you get your money back. If the trip was a waste of your time we’re truly sorry. We guarantee that it won’t also be a waste of your money.

Kated’s money-back guarantee currently covers the first $10,000 of every trip booking. The money-back guarantee can be activated if mediation has been unsuccessful. We need to understand what went wrong, so we can evaluate on a case by case basis, and ensure a similar situation is not repeated for future travelers.