Fly-In South Luangwa NP Safari

Elephants gather at a waterhole, excitedly blowing on their trunks. Up ahead a lion surveys the savannah, from a rocky perch. Hippos and buffalos are here, giants that grab your attention. And now a leopard, descending elegancy from a tree.

In some senses South Luangwa is a classic African safari destination. Great animal populations gather around a river, where they are easy to find. Other than rhinos, all the famous animals are represented, so it’s a great destination if your first time on safari.

But South Luangwa is more. Go in search of Cookson’s wildebeest, Thornicroft giraffe and Crawshay’s zebra, species you will not find anywhere else on the planet. Mix your daytime game drives with nighttime drives and also explore on foot, or along the river. 

Camps are raised on stilts above the river and while South Luangwa isn’t as famous as parks in neighbouring Tanzania, it’s easily as good. It’s just far away from everything. 

You will fly to South Luangwa by light aircraft for a multiple day private safari. A specialist guide will tailor different activities to your preferences, including special photography hides, and you’ll experience wild Africa at your pace. Expect plenty of comfort as well – there are some awesome camps up here.