Namibia Elephant Migration Safari

From dusty desert to riverine bliss, elephants are on the move. On and on they march, following the scent of water. 

Namibia’s desert-adapted elephants are remarkable. They stand taller and slighter than their African counterparts. Larger feet help them walk further each day and longer trunks help them dig. You can only find them in northern Namibia and Mali. 

Namibia’s other elephants are just as special, four-legged giants moving across the Caprivi Strip towards Victoria Falls and permanent water. 

It’s possible to track Namibia’s elephants on a mobile camping safari. You can literally move with the herds, across some of Africa’s greatest wilderness. Make it a four-day expedition to the north. Or settle into Bwabwata National Park and watch the elephants pass by, hour after hour, day after day.