Cruise Around Spitsbergen in the Ultramarine

Sail along the shores of majestic Spitsbergen in the Arctic’s most advanced ship, the Ultramarine. 

Cruise down deep fjords. Gasp as a polar bear wanders across the sea ice. Listen to the growl of glaciers calving. Gaze up at immense mountains and wake up to puffins and walruses. 

You’ll travel to 80 degrees north and be immersed in a landscape of snow-capped mountains, crystalline waters and staggering glaciers. And you need a good four days to appreciate what there is here, as you traverse the Greenland Sea and Arctic Ocean. 

Magdalenafjord is an eternal highlight of this region, a place where glaciers meet snow-capped peaks in a single panorama. Along with the reindeer and seabirds you will also venture to the Russian mining town of Barentsburg, another stop on the Ultramarine ship’s Spitsbergen itinerary.

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