Zodiac Cruising in the Remote Arctic

The ice splits and an iceberg calves from the glacier. A great crack echoes across Arctic stillness, followed by a roaring splash that confirms nature’s change. 

A polar bear wanders across an ice sheet and you safely observe its progress, in awe at its size and elegance. Mesmeric sea birds flutter overhead and you glide in safety, through the crisp blue tones of sea ice and fjords. 

On an Arctic cruise you can see so much from the ship. But you get closer on a zodiac, a small boat that means you can fully explore the Arctic wilderness.

You can reach shorelines and search for wildlife in areas where ships simply can’t access. 

The brand new Ultramarine ship offers these regular excursions better than any other Arctic vessel. This ship’s water-level hangar quickly deploys up to 20 zodiac boats, enabling passengers to enjoy more spontaneous off-ship adventures. It’s perfect for spotting wildlife and maximises your time on excursions, as you get off and on the ship faster than with other ships.

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