Arctic Helicopter Flight

The Arctic is remarkable from every angle. Enormous icebergs calve. Ice sheets are covered in crevisses and nuance, with alpine water tumbling into Arctic abyss. Nature has sculpted an ephemeral paradise here, a landscape where every angle is both different and the same.

As the ice melts the view changes. What you see down below will never be seen again. Yet in every direction there is a familiarity, a consistency to the wilderness. You will discover this seemingly endless landscape on an Arctic helicopter flight.

Take off from the Ultramarine ship. This brand new ship has two helicopters and on a multi-day cruise itinerary you can experience the Arctic from the different angles of air, sea and land. And to experience the Arctic from the sky is one of the world’s great travel pleasures, an opportunity to gasp at a world on the edge of the world. Guides will tailor the flight so you can explore the Arctic’s most impressive landscapes.

This experience was created by
Javier Chiquilla
Passionately improving the sustainability and quality of Scandinavian travel, Javier organises a remarkable variety of experiences not available anywhere else.
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