Track Rhinos on Foot in Ongava, Etosha Region

Ongava is a peaceful place. You can wallow in silence, nothing but a distant elephant upon the plains below. Yet it is also a place for sudden bursts of adrenaline. Such as when you track rhinos on foot.

White rhinos are enormous, truly enormous, of a size that you cannot appreciate until you stand before one, feeling your heart jump out from your chest. And those horns!

Black rhinos are smaller and more bashful, less likely to get close. But at 1400kgs they are not small. And you’re approaching them on foot. 

Led by skilled indigenous trackers you will search for both black and white rhinos on foot. There are only a small handful of places where both species coexist. There’s only one other destination in Africa where you can also track black and white rhinos on foot. You don’t stand directly in front of one. You stay safe, watching action from photography hides, staying silent before the giants. 

This is Namibia and this is an experience with animals that may disappear from the wild in the coming decades.