North Luangwa Multi-Day Walking Safari

There are parts of Africa that have never seen vehicles, stretches of bush too dense to be penetrated by man’s machines. These are parts of Africa where animals have always ruled, where you can be one of an exclusive few visitors. 

North Luangwa National Park has an unfenced border with South Luangwa. The wildlife – elephants, lions, wildebeest, zebra and so much more – moves uninhibited between the two parks. But how you explore is completely different.

In North Luangwa you can’t drive. You can only explore on a walking safari and it’s Africa’s ultimate walking destination. You can’t see much in a day. After flying into the park by light aircraft you can spend two to five days walking in the park. 

Expert trackers lead the way and you can stay in mobile camps, a chance to sleep out deep in animal territory. It’s very safe but it’s a massive thrill as well, literally walking in the animal world.