Leopard & Cheetah Conservation in Okonjima

A cheetah purrs. You can feel it move. Inhale, exhale. Now that purr once more. Here you are, crouched besides a cheetah, in the African bush. 

Cheetahs are not massively dangerous. They’ll break your leg, do severe damage to your face. But they won’t kill you, certainly not when experienced conservationist guides lead your experience. At Okonjima you really can be close enough to touch, as you support a conservation program and learn all about wild cheetahs.

A leopard will kill you in an instant. One bite to the neck and you’re gone. And leopards can’t be trusted. So you won’t get as close to leopards. But with great guides you will be close enough to gain a very unique perspective on one of Africa’s most elusive animals.