South Iceland Horseback Tour

Get a personal introduction to Iceland’s wildlife by meeting its most famous creature, the Icelandic horse. You will stop at the family-run Skalakot Lodge and Horse Farm to witness the majesty of these beautiful horses. 

Icelandic horses stand out from other breeds due to having five gaits and the riding experts at the farm will prepare you for a wonderful horse-riding experience.

Now the gentle horse elegantly leads you to the beautiful landscapes near the farm with your horse-riding guide by your side. Experience the horse’s unique gaits on this three-hour ride through lush greenery and onwards to the unearthly black-sand beaches. Stare at the geologic structures rising from the ocean and hear the waves crash against the shore as your horse walks along the sand.   

Scan the horizon for views of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago or attempt to find seals peeking at the surface of the water. During your horse’s trot back to the farm, stop by the peaceful Rimhúsaáll River to bask in utter tranquillity.

This experience was created by
Johanna Eyjolfsdottir
Turning wild ideas into real adventures, Johanna is the leading edge of luxury private travel to Iceland.
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