Golden Circle Tour

Explore Iceland’s legendary Golden Circle on a privately-guided tour. First observe the geothermal magic of Strokkur Gesyer, then discover the world’s oldest parliament in Thingvellir National Park. Continue to Gullfoss Waterfall then take a snowmobile onto Langjokull Glacier. 

This world-renowned sightseeing route first gives you a glimpse into the geothermal power that Iceland possesses. Strokkur Geyser is the most active geyser in the country, and you are sure to witness a heart-racing show.

Spouts of boiling water flume upwards of 20-metres into the sky and at a pace of every five to ten minutes. Awaiting each geothermal explosion tickles your nerves and staring at the gushing water is an electrifying experience. 

Your next stop on the Golden Circle will be one of the country’s most enchanting waterfalls. Stand atop the viewing deck perched above the sharp canyon and feel the power of this gushing waterfall.

The glacial meltwater flowing from the Langjökull glacier gives Gullfoss an extraordinary flow rate and the rush will pummel your face with powerful wind shear and cooling mist. 

Watch the Hvítá River flow into the narrow gorge and make its two plunges through the rocky canyon. The two drops combine to 32-metres in height but it’s the overwhelming force that makes it one of the most beloved waterfalls in the world.  

You will experience Langjökull from a thrilling perspective, with a snowmobile ride across the glacier. Then it’s onwards, to more of the Golden Circle, as this tour can be tailored to your interests and wishes.

This experience was created by
Johanna Eyjolfsdottir
Turning wild ideas into real adventures, Johanna is the leading edge of luxury private travel to Iceland.
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