New York City Luxe Experience

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March, April, May, June, September, October, November

Soar over Manhattan in a helicopter, shop with a personal stylist in New York’s top boutiques, go on a private tour of the Metropolitan Museum and sail your own private yacht in the Hamptons – this is New York at its absolute finest.

Day 1 - Welcome to New York

Couple Shopping in New York's 5th avenue. United States.

New York Shopping With a Personal Stylist


This is New York. Of course you want to go shopping. And you can go shopping in true VIP fashion. Accompanied by a personal stylist, you will go to the top stores and boutiques in the Lower East Side, the Village and 5th Avenue. Whatever your interest and style, you will be directed to just the right places. Your stylist works for major celebrities, and will help you choose those pieces other people have never seen before.And it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a hard-to-find perfume, a pair of once-in-a-lifetime boots, or the purse of your dreams. Here, you will find it.

Close-up of waiter holding bottle and serving red wine during dinner at luxurious gourmet restaurant

Personal New York Dining Guide


Did you know that New York boasts eleven two-Michelin-stars restaurants? And five three-star ones? Not to mention all those other establishments that — though less favoured by the glittering heavens — are nothing short of remarkable. There’s simply too much to choose from. And not enough time. You can’t waste a meal or waste valuable stomach space on something average. Your personal concierge is here to help you. Let them know your culinary preferences and a concierge will provide a dining plan. Take your pick from the options and your concierge will arrange reservations, at restaurants that often book out six months in advance. So you can spend your New York evenings delighting in incredible dishes, perfect ambience, and the food that makes the city extra special.


Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York


A haven of style and indulgence, this boutique hotel was designed by Parisian duo Gilles & Boissier. There’s crystal everywhere and a lavish attention to detail that can only be New York. That’s unsurprising given the address, just across the street from MoMA. Spread across dozens of stories this hotel mixes spacious suites with soaring public spaces. It’s the hotel you book when you want to show off, in New York. Simply to step inside is to step inside a work of contemporary art.

Day 2 - Love New York

New York Helicopter Flight

New York Scenic Helicopter Flight


Feel the thrill of flying in a helicopter over Manhattan’s most iconic landmarks: the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building and the One World Trade Center.The streets, far below, are like a map of the city, spread at your feet and full to life. People and cars are so small from this height, as you see the entire city from a new dimension. On you fly above New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge: you will see them from the solitude of the chopper, with nothing between you and them. Flying on, you follow the Hudson River all the way to the northern tip of Manhattan. Being a bird is not bad after all.

New York Wine Cellar

Wine Tasting in a Secret New York Cellar


The wall is pushed back, revealing a hidden wine cellar. As you enter it, you feel transported back in time to the Prohibition Era. Alcohol of any kind is outlawed in the United States — but you are one of the lucky few that has access to this secret place and can safely indulge your love of high-end wine. Back to the present, you will do a tour of the cellar, hear all about its history and of course, taste some award-winning wines. Your private sommelier will tailor the wine tasting according to your preferences. After this you will enjoy a perfect, unforgettable seven-course lunch in the most elegant of settings. So elegant, in fact, that you would never think this is a den of wine contrabandista...

Blurry background of the chef is pouring the sauce on beef is main dish.

Dine with a Famous New York Chef


You look out of the large apartment window. This view of Central Park is amazing, and you lose yourself in it for a few minutes. And all the while, the kitchen sounds tell you of an special meal being prepared for you. Your host this evening is a celebrity chef — but instead of tasting their works of culinary art at a packed restaurant, you will dine in the privacy of their home. You will see those beautiful, delicious dishes being prepared right in front of you, and learn all you want to know about them. But you don’t have to just stand there and look. If you like, you can help too. Expect stunning cuisine and stories to match. Along with plenty of wine...

Day 3 - Exclusive New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Metropolitan Museum All To Yourself


Linger in contemplation before a collection of golden Buddhas from the Himalayas, and bask in the peace they irradiate. Admire the exquisite calligraphy and drawings of 15th century Persian manuscripts. Stand undisturbed, taking in every detail of samurai armours and Japanese painted screens. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is all yours this morning, for you are taking a private tour before it opens to the public. Whether you know exactly what you want to see, or are open to discovering works of art you still don’t know of, your guide will lead an exclusive 90 minutes in this treasure trove of human artistry.

Aerial view of the Central park in New York with golf fields and tall skyscrapers surrounding the park.

Choice New York City Tour


Where do you want to visit in New York? Your guide wants to know all about your New York wishes. Perhaps you want to discover the best sites of Manhattan’s East Side. Is it Soho that you are excited about? Tribeca? If instead you would like to hear some new ideas, just ask your guide. They will surprise you. Or perhaps you want to find some secret nook you have been to in the past...  Don’t worry if you don’t remember quite where it was: your guide is there for you, and will help you find it. After all, today is not about where everyone says you should go: it’s all about the places you really want to be.

A diagonal 'Stage Door' sign with white on black lettering, on a brick wall and a lamp above

Backstage at Broadway


After watching a Broadway show you head to the concession area and meet your Broadway host. You feel the sheer excitement of being escorted past the police barricade to the stage door, and brought backstage. Now you meet your guide — one of the show’s cast members! For the next half hour, ask all the questions you have. You will hear everything about the experience of nightly performances, and the inner workings of the show. And don’t be afraid to ask. Here, the magic of story does not vanish once you see its mechanism. The spell of Broadway is far too powerful for that.

Broadway theatres in Times Square New York city

Exclusive Broadway Seats


See Broadway all lit up at night, as you arrive at the theatre of your choice. Once inside, sit in the dark, in delightful anticipation of your show. The curtains rise, the centuries-old ritual of storytelling has begun. While the show lasts, you forget everything. You will become those characters, live those events, share those feelings. And when it all ends, you will come back to this world with a sigh, and feel that life is indeed “a wondrous thing of persistent beauty”. Great storytelling never gets old. It’s just sometimes hard to get a ticket, especially for the best seats. Your travel designer will do the reservations.

Day 4 - The Hamptons

Aerial view of the beach and blue waters near an inlet on the Atlantic Ocean

Scenic Flight to the Hamptons


Fly in style from New York to the Hamptons. It’s a scenic city flight as well as convenient transport to the coast. Your final destination is the seaside resort of Hamptons. The way you are getting there is an experience all by itself. Board the helicopter and just fly away, far above New York traffic.You will leave the great city behind. And before long you will see greenery, charming villages, sandy beaches down below. And the blue ocean awaits...

Luxury Yacht

Private Yacht Charter, the Hamptons


Today, this is your yacht. If you are a happy landlubber, you can just bask in the sun, feel the wind in your face, and smell the briny scent of the sea...If you are a passionate or experienced sailor, you can captain the ship yourself. And if you are anywhere in between — play the deck hand. In summer, you may choose to cast anchor, and take some time to swim and play water games. And of course, at all times of the year you will have a gourmet lunch on board. Like the song says, a pirate’s life is a wonderful life... Well, so is yours today.

American Stadium

A Concierge Arranging Your New York Evenings


How do you want to spend an evening in New York? Watch the Knicks from ringside? Consider yourself already there, watching on from the best seats. Or maybe it’s the Yankees you desire to support. Is opera your cup of tea? Then it’s where you will be, entranced by the singing and music, and the visual splendor of the spectacle. Prefer a live music concert? A Broadway play? Or reservations at a restaurant you can never get reservations. Just let your personal concierge know what’s calling your heart to New York. They can arrange everything you wish for.

Day 5 - Departure