4-Day Dubai Stopover

Best time to visit
March, April, May, September, October, November

Discover Dubai on a handcrafted layover that can be tailored to your exact wishes and interests. This four-day stopover includes the most iconic highlights, from the top of the Burj to the Arabian desert and nighttime stars.

This Dubai stopover is a vacation on its own, but you can also incorporate these four days into a longer trip, using Emirates Airlines to get your stopover in Dubai. And this is just an example of what is possible. Whether you visit Dubai for 12 hours or 12 days, a leading travel designer can arrange your perfect itinerary.

Day 1 - Arrival, Check In & Iconic View

Burj al Arab

Stay at Burj al Arab in Dubai

UAE (Dubai + More)

With sweeping views of Dubai’s skyline and the Gulf, the Arabian super-sail pays homage to its seafaring heritage. Experience a Sheikh’s residence and touchdown on the helipad or roll in on a gold-plated vintage Rolls Royce. How you arrive at the symbol of Dubai is up to you.  Designed beyond the imagination, the Burj Al Arab offers moments of escapism. Secluded beach cabanas, a moonlit infinity plunge pool, and isolated rooftop dining are inspired by the elements and tones of the surrounding seas.   Burj Al Arab trumps most indulgences with butler-inspired services, floor-to-ceiling aquarium dining and gold cappuccinos. This is your opportunity to live like an Arabian king smothered in bling.

Two arab men in traditional dress looking out of the window over Dubai from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on earth

At The Top of Burj Khalifa

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Standing at the base, you’re able to admire the sheer size of the superstructure. It's like a rocket, about to boost into space. Within 60 seconds, you will be on the premium observation deck of the Burj Khalifa. Whether visiting solo, or with a private Guest Ambassador, you will embark upon a momentous journey.  The doors slide open and you are greeted by uninterrupted panoramic views of Dubai. You can truly appreciate the exceptional blend of modern city and desert within one glance, from the highest observation deck on the planet.  Embrace Dubai by day, and night, as time is of no importance on the 148th floor. You can stay as long as you like with unlimited drinks.

Day 2 - Exploring Dubai

Dubai Downtown

Dubai City Sightseeing Tour

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Transformed from desert outpost to soaring supercity, Dubai’s contrast is at a cultural crossroads. With Arabian architecture mixed with mind-blowing superstructures, the city is developing rapidly without trying to lose sight of its Bedouin heritage.  Travel back in time and explore cultural highlights that are brought to life by your personal storyteller guide. Appreciate the wind towers in Bastakia and the creek, an influential element in Dubai's growth. There’s nothing quite like exploring this city on foot.  Fast forward a few decades and admire the megacity for what it has become. You have the opportunity to visit the Burj Khalifa, Burj Alarab, and Jumeirah Palm, and to add a layer of luxury by upgrading your tour by supercar.

Playground for the rich, Burg Al Arab, Jumeira Beach Hotel and for the less well off Wild Wadi water park.

Helicopter Tour over Dubai

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Born from a fishing village, where the desert meets the sea, is the futuristic supercity of Dubai. Take to the skies for panoramic views and explore architectural landmarks by private helicopter. With unmissable masterpieces piercing the hazy sky, there is no better way to experience the world’s tallest skyline.  Soar as high as the Burj Khalifa, as low as Dubai Creek and capture Palm Jumeirah’s palm-shaped island from the only viewing platform, the desert sky.  Encircle Dubai’s glamourous playground and immerse yourself in a sky above the urban jungle, where you can truly appreciate its unique character and charm.

Day 3 - Desert Overnight Trip

Royal Platinum Desert Experience - Platinum Heritage

Royal Platinum Desert Experience, Dubai

UAE (Dubai + More)

For Dubai desert experiences this is the flower of the flock. Head deep into the wild desert in search of Arabian oryx on a private remote safari.  Think Arabic nibbles, sundowners, and cosy majlis. A tailor-made evening to suit all your desert-desires. Admire beautiful birds-of-prey at the falconry demonstration. And as the night sky falls, the saxophone rises, carrying the mellow vibe of the surrounding sand-scape, creating an ever-lasting moment.  Fire blowing lanterns illuminate the royal desert retreat. There’s exceptional service and a six-course gourmet dinner in a private setting with sparks in the distance. The Flaming Fire show is about to begin and the experience continues.

Night Desert Safari with Astronomy

Night Safari and Astronomy

UAE (Dubai + More)

Embark upon a night safari into the pitch-black Arabian desert. Jump inside an open-top vintage Land Rover at sunset, and soar over sandhills to the heart of Dubai’s protected Conservation Reserve.  Creep over dunes in search of nocturnal animals lurking around, like the rare desert fox, desert gazelles and swooping night owl. Hunt for scorpions, but watch out, their sting is savage!  Unwind on traditional majlis at an authentic Bedouin camp. Dive into a three-course dinner and top-quality shisha before immersing yourself in a professional astronomy lesson. Discover the stars of Arabia and distant galaxies through a telescope, for now, you have the best view of the universe.

Al Maha Desert Resort _ Spa

Stay in the Desert at Al Maha, Dubai

UAE (Dubai + More)

Escapism, solitude and refinement. A chance to reconnect with nature in the UAE’s first national park, at a secluded luxury sand-scape. Al Maha’s Arabic theme blends in with its surroundings, accomplishing minimal impact on the desert ecosystem.  Drift away in your private infinity plunge pool, while admiring the Hajar Mountains dominating the vast unspoiled sandy dunes. Then sleep out in the desert and witness prancing Arabian Oryx from the comfort of your Arabian grandeur suite.  Celebrate the senses and live the Boudin way of life in style. Embark upon a culinary expedition, wildlife safaris and desert dune bashing, all of it a feature of Al Maha.

Day 4 - Desert Breakfast & Airport Transfer

Range Rover Desert Safari Back view

Conservation Drive and Breakfast at Al Maha

UAE (Dubai + More)

Escape Dubai’s bustling city and cruise in style through the once uninhabitable land of the Arabian Desert. Embarking upon this thrilling conservation adventure uncovers the desert’s ecosystem, one brimming with entrancing flora and fauna species.  It spots you before you even notice. Fixated and fascinated by you, staring to see what threat you may possess. They continue to graze by the freshwater lake. You can finally admire the return of the enchanting and endangered Arabian Oryx. Gaze out at unspoiled dunes and appreciate solitude and refinement at Al Maha. Dive into a gourmet breakfast in a secluded luxury sand-scape, and watch out for the rare Gordon's wildcat lurking around.