Iceland Winter Adventure

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January, February, March, April

Fire and ice coexist in Iceland, a country of sharp contrasts and beautiful winter travel moments.

Experience the unique on this five-day winter adventure, a magical journey featuring snowmobiles, glaciers, lagoons and the Northern Lights.

You’ll be based in Reykjvik for most of the experience and do private trips to iconic natural landscapes nearby. And you can always extend this experience with more Icelandic travel moments.

Day 1 - Reykavik Arrival

Reykjavik Iceland city scape frop the top with Hallgrimskirkja church. Aerial photo. religious building

Highlights of Reykjavik Tour


Wander through Reykjavik’s downtown, where modern style juxtaposes with the country’s oldest cemetery and the archaeological excavation of early settlements, the Icelandic Settlement Exhibition.Your local guide will show you stunning architecture, from the geologically inspired glass exterior of Harpa on the waterfront, to the reverent geometry of Hallgrímskirkja. Enjoy panoramic views from the tower of the latter - this cathedral is one of the tallest structures in the country.From Faxaflói Bay to northern lights displays to the Perlan museum’s fantastic glacier exhibit, there’s plenty more to explore in the city. A private guide will help you go behind the scenes, so you soak up Icelandic culture and see more than the tourist sights.

Lobby, 101 Hotel Reykjavik

101 Hotel Reykjavik


Located in the center of Iceland’s capital city, 101 Hotel Reykjavik is a reflection of the city itself: historic, modern, culturally rich, and thoroughly Nordic cool. Occupying a building dating back to the 1930s, the hotel boasts sweeping views of the harbor and a stunning collection of Icelandic art.Your private balcony overlooks the harbor. Daylight filters into every space, reflecting on monochrome decor to illuminate bold modern Icelandic art. The floors emanate warmth from underfloor heating. Take advantage of the hotel’s superb location to explore downtown Reykjavik, then return for dinner at the hotel's restaurant, a trendy hotspot that serves up-scale comfort food next to authentic Icelandic cuisine.

Day 2 - South Iceland

A herd of Icelandic horses with Eyjafjallajökull volcano in the background.

Snowmobile On Eyjafjallajokull Glacier


The desolate beauty of a broad glacier has to be seen to be properly understood. Explore the vast expanse of Eyjafjallajökull Glacier by snowmobile on a unique, private tour.Beginning at the toe of the glacier, you will travel up into the alpine wilderness. Move into a stripped-down realm of crisp snow, big sky, and a landscape so large and featureless that it borders on the abstract.Gaze out at southern Iceland for a spectacular view of one of the world’s most geologically active and impressive regions.

Scenic Helicopter Tour, Iceland’s South Coast

Scenic Helicopter Tour of Iceland’s South Coast


Soaring into the sky gives you a unique vantage of Iceland’s contrasting landscapes. Some of the most dramatic scenery on the island is only viewable by helicopter and this comfy ride will give you a new appreciation for the country’s raw beauty.  Enjoy the bird’s eye view of smouldering volcanoes, glacial lagoons and snow-capped glaciers as your pilot whooshes you to various viewing angles. Get up close and personal with the infamous Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, see the hypnotising icebergs of the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and marvel at the gargantuan size of the Vatnajökull Glacier.   Weather permitting, you will make three landings on the tour for a chance to roam untouched terrain most tourists never see.

Day 3 - Golden Circle

Thingvellir, Iceland National Park during autumn day in Iceland Golden circle and mountain lake with pine trees rocky landscape

Golden Circle Tour


Explore Iceland’s legendary Golden Circle on a privately-guided tour. First observe the geothermal magic of Strokkur Gesyer, then discover the world’s oldest parliament in Thingvellir National Park. Continue to Gullfoss Waterfall then take a snowmobile onto Langjokull Glacier. This world-renowned sightseeing route first gives you a glimpse into the geothermal power that Iceland possesses. Strokkur Geyser is the most active geyser in the country, and you are sure to witness a heart-racing show.Spouts of boiling water flume upwards of 20-metres into the sky and at a pace of every five to ten minutes. Awaiting each geothermal explosion tickles your nerves and staring at the gushing water is an electrifying experience. Your next stop on the Golden Circle will be one of the country’s most enchanting waterfalls. Stand atop the viewing deck perched above the sharp canyon and feel the power of this gushing waterfall.The glacial meltwater flowing from the Langjökull glacier gives Gullfoss an extraordinary flow rate and the rush will pummel your face with powerful wind shear and cooling mist. Watch the Hvítá River flow into the narrow gorge and make its two plunges through the rocky canyon. The two drops combine to 32-metres in height but it’s the overwhelming force that makes it one of the most beloved waterfalls in the world.  You will experience Langjökull from a thrilling perspective, with a snowmobile ride across the glacier. Then it’s onwards, to more of the Golden Circle, as this tour can be tailored to your interests and wishes.

Waterfall, Iceland, Springtime, Spring - Flowing Water, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Explore the Golden Circle in an All-Terrain Buggy


Iceland’s Golden Circle encompasses some of the country’s most impressive natural wonders, including Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir Geothermal Area, and Thingvellir National Park. Explore this truly stunning region in an all-terrain buggy that will let you access areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.Beginning virtually within range of spray from the Great Geysir, head off-road and into the Icelandic wilderness. Experience the range of Iceland’s diverse ecoregions, speeding through gentle woodlands to gain the wide-open Haukadalsheidi plateau. Press deeper inland, toward the creeping expanse of Langjokull Glacier. Along the way, enjoy spectacular views of Blafell Volcano and Sandvatn glacier lagoon. With these wheels you can completely escape the tour bus routes and find your own slice of rural Iceland.

Solo traveler walking in front of an awesome Northern Lights in Mount Kirkjufell Iceland.

Northern Lights Expedition


Of all Earth’s natural phenomena, perhaps none are so starkly entrancing as the ethereal Aurora Borealis. On a near-nightly basis, from October to March, the sky above Iceland comes to life with massive, dancing lights, the by-product of solar wind encountering the planet’s magnetosphere. Venture out into Iceland’s broad valleys and plateaus for an unforgettable spectacle. Arcs of green. Shimmering violet curtains. Slow-moving pale “clouds”. Every display is different, changing from moment to moment to impress anew with strange colors and shapes.Snuggle into a blanket, sip your hot chocolate, and enjoy the show.

Day 4 - Spa Day at Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Spa Day at Blue Lagoon


Have a spa day at the lunar landscapes of the Blue Lagoon It’s time to relax and let all your worries slide into the thermal waters of the world-famous Blue Lagoon. This retreat will revitalise your mind, body, and soul as you soak in pools at a toasty temperature of roughly 100°F. Lather your silica mask on your face and unwind in the spa’s glamorous setting. The enthralling lava fields around the lagoon make you feel like you are chilling on the surface of the moon.  Swim to the poolside bar and pick up a soothing beer, wine or cocktail and indulge in the spa’s first-class treatments. Exfoliate your skin, sweat toxins away in the sauna or remove all your body’s kinks with a massage.

Iceland Winter Adventure

Fire and ice coexist in Iceland, a country of sharp contrasts and beautiful winter travel moments.Experience the unique on this five-day winter adventure, a magical journey featuring snowmobiles, glaciers, lagoons and the Northern Lights.You'll be based in Reykjvik for most of the experience and do private trips to iconic natural landscapes nearby. And you can always extend this experience with more Icelandic travel moments.

Day 5 - Departure

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