Morocco Highlights in 10 Days

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January, February, March, April, September, October, November, December

Discover Morocco’s dazzling highlights on a personalised journey to artistic cities, wild desert and sumptuous mountains. Combining a selection of extraordinary moments and exquisite destinations, you will gain superb cultural insight while also exploring nature. This is the best of Morocco, made just for you.

Day 1 - Marrakech

Selection of very colorful Moroccan tajines (traditional casserole dishes)

Cooking Class in Marrakech


Experiment with the very best of Moroccan flavours, in this delicious and delightful Marrakech-based cooking class. It’s a world-renowned workshop designed to nurture and refine your culinary skills, whether you are an amateur or professional. Your dada, or local chef, makes you feel at home as you are welcomed into a bright and cheerful kitchen. Learn all about the exotic spices, alongside an exclusive overview of the country’s most classic cuisines. Beautifully baked, you will be shown how to make traditional Moroccan bread. There’s a chance to sit down and enjoy what you have created, once all of the cooking is done. A colourful three-course set of tasty dishes and comfortable dining, with optional Moroccan wine pairings to further complement your meal.

Royal Mansour Marrakech, Gardens

Royal Mansour Marrakech


Venture into the Royal Mansour and discover a world full of Moroccan magic. This is a hidden oasis right next door to the famed Jemaa El Fna Square. Let your eyes dance to the detail of the designs, as you step into a lobby adorned with intricate patterns and vivid colour. Stylish columns and pleasurable mosaics surround you, as you explore this impressive five-hectare estate. Boasting 53 uniquely designed riads and its own medina concept, the Royal Mansour will take you on a sensory journey infused with passion and solace. Rest poolside under an open sky, as the lush gardens of this green haven transport your mind into a state of tranquil rest.

Day 2 - Marrakech Downtime

Luxury Hammam Les Deux Tours in Marrakech


Enjoy soothing hot water and traditional Moroccan soap, as you spoil your senses with this iconic hammam experience. Submerged in a bath of steam, let your stress simmer away. Relinquish negative thought and channel tranquility, arise feeling restored and refreshed. This is a healing environment to help you harmonise, alongside a massage working magic into your muscles. Indulge further with tea on the terrace following your treatment. Gain a sense of refined pleasure and rejuvenated reflection, as you watch the sun set gently over poised palm trees.

Multicolored dried flowers, used for soaps and perfumes

Perfume Workshop in Marrakech


Smell your way through this seductive workshop, an opportunity to create your own fragrance, as you get to know the sweet scents of the old city. Pleasurably potent and alluring, discover the hidden aromas of the Medina before crafting your own. Savour in the richness of these enchanting new nasal flavours, as you follow your nose and get to know your preferences. Expect a mixture of flowers and spices to play with, amidst an intimate and tranquil atmosphere. A delightful session for the senses, with one to one guidance from a local expert of this cherished trade.

Day 3 - Experiential Marrakech

Street of old medina in Marrakesh, Morocco

The Hidden Sites of Marrakech


Discover the ancient city with an insider, on this exclusive tour around Marrakech’s most hidden treasures. Enter the aged gates of the Medina and explore its earliest districts. Deeply insightful, this is an authentic snippet into the daily lives of the locals. Uncover the ancestral Foundouks, a reality intertwined with medieval tradition. Historical inns once used for caravan traders are now occupied by local artisans. Explore a collection of heritage sites and landmarks, and listen to the school children recite Quranic verses. Taste fresh bread from an old bakery, as you marvel at the Moorish architecture and intricate calligraphy of the buildings around. You’ll discover there is so much more to Marrakech than the famous sights.

Selection of spices on a traditional Moroccan market (souk) in Marrakech, Morocco

Shopping in Marrakech’s Souks


The air is charged with frenzy and allure, as you take your first steps into Marrakech’s souks. An authentic taste of Moroccan tradition awaits as you enter a world of ancient trade. Seeping with history, the story of the souks is an old one. The colours of the market capture the culture of the country. The spirit of the people is in the interactions, it is complemented by the transactions that take place within the square. This is a lively hub full of passion and play, where locals and tourists come together, laugh together. A maze of commerce, overflowing with handcrafted treasures, with rugs and pottery, spices and jewellery, each shining in their own unique way. Splendid stalls with hopeful merchants, wait to welcome you in on this private shopping tour.

Moroccann Caftan

Make Your Own Kaftan Design in Marrakech


Long-coveted as a robe of comfort and grace, the beauty of the Kaftan is timeless. From patterns to design, an array of options lay at your fingertips during this workshop. Get inspired by the colours of the city, and spend an afternoon creating your own custom-made Kaftan. The fashion scene in Marrakech is vibrant, yet humble. In the same way, the Kaftan has become a global trend but it still remembers its roots. Stylish and elegant, many designers have brought their own versions to the stage. This is your chance to become a part of this tradition. Learn about the history of this ancient gown from a local designer, before meeting your tailor and getting fitted for your very own Moroccan Kaftan.

Day 4 - Atlas Mountains

A view of sunset and touristic path in rural mountain village in High Atlas mountains Morocco Africa with snow covered peaks

Atlas Mountains Berber Village Visit Including Souk Market


Contrasting the busy chatter of Marrakech’s streets, Morocco’s rural landscape comes with its own rustic charm. Nestled between the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, discover remote Berben communities living a still and quiet life. Spend your day exploring these quaint earthen villages, set against dreamy slopes and winding roads. Expect dramatic scenery and friendly locals. Complete the experience with a visit to the local souk. Travelling from village to village, these weekly markets are an essential part of local life. Expect raw cultural exchanges as you interact with local vendors. This is an authentic snippet into rural Morocco, amidst makeshift stalls and modest products.

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Ouarzazate History Tour


The famed gateway into the Sahara desert and the setting of countless Hollywood films, let Ouarzazate enchant you with its incredible history. A mystical town of ancient fortresses, follow your expert guide through cobbled streets and discover the very best viewpoints. Set against the backdrop of the High Atlas Mountains, the scenery around the old city is stunning. Venture into Kasbah Taourirt, an old fort of marvellous cream colour and long standing walls that will take you back in time. Wander through Ait Ben Haddou, another rustic treasure waiting to be explored. Unmissable and captivating, the rugged landscape surrounding this UNESCO-restored village is made for desert dreams.

Days 5 & 6 - Sahara

Camel Caravan, Erg Chebbi Dunes, Morocco

Camel trek with Overnight in Sahara Desert at Erg Chebbi


The sands of the Sahara stretch out before you, with a misty elegance only found in the desert. The journey is dreamlike, as you sway with the steps of your calm camel, a gentle creature and master of the hazy wilderness around you. The sun sends proud rays along your path, before finally submitting to the evening air. Climb the dunes and watch the sky turn orange. Dark shadows roll in, a glorious sunset giving way to a starry night. Beneath this sparkling sky, your private desert encampment awaits. Submerge yourself into your surroundings, with cosy tents in the heart of the Erg Chebbi dunes. A traditional Berber feast is prepared in your honour, a delightful end to the day.

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps


Wake up to a dreamy haze of golden dunes with an intimate stay at Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps. Situated between the great sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, this idyllic encampment takes glamping to a whole new level of opulence. Experience authentic nomadic ambiance, harmoniously combined with Saharan privacy and comfort. Revel in the misty magic of the surroundings, including a particular type of peace and quiet only found in the desert. This enchanting sandy space is yours to wander. Ride a camel to the top of the dunes as the sun rises over soft, ever-changing landscapes. Sensational sunsets always follow. Gaze into creamy slopes that go on for miles, before enjoying a traditional Moroccan dinner under the stars. The longer you stay, the more enchanted you will become.

Sunrise in Merzouga desert. Orange dunes stretching into the distance.

Marrakech or Sahara Helicopter Ride


Soar the skies the Moroccan way. Watch as the views unfold in front of you on a helicopter ride over Marrakech’s fine terracotta walls. The shrinking souks of the red city beat below, a colourful hub full of culture and life. Make your way towards Marrakech Palm Groves, where the palm trees stretch for several miles. Dusty lands and quiet spaces, this is a complete contrast to the bustling Medina. The proud peaks of the High Atlas Mountains slowly come into view as you soar over desert, peaks and city.  Alternatively, you can opt for a tour of the Sahara by air. Marvel at the vastness of this soft landscape, as you glide over risen dunes of endless sand. Fly over history’s greatest desert and feel on top of the world.

Day 7 - Fes

Riad Fes

Riad Fès


Embark on a sensory journey back in time with an enchanting stay at Riad Fès. Discover a sea of patterns spread through four distinctly designed patios. Get lost in glorious gold mosaics, as you immerse yourself in this Arabian nights theme. Based in the bustling Medina, this elegant estate places you right in the heart of the ancient city of Fes. Get energised for the day with a buffet breakfast fit for Fassi royalty. Later, rejuvenate from your explorations with a visit to the riad’s dreamy spa, where a warm hammam and alleviating massage wait to spoil you. Enjoy a drink and mesmerising views from the panoramic terrace, as the rustic city landscape sweeps you off your feet.

Day 8 - Exploring Fes

Fes, Morocco

Sightseeing Tour of Fes


Step back in time with a visit to Fes, a cultural capital full of old-world charm. Countless souk-markets dominate a maze of medieval streets. Washed away colours enhance the rustic beauty of this ancient town. Follow your local guide through a labyrinth of narrow streets, as he takes you on a tour of the Medina's oldest treasures. From enchanting riads to stunning palace gates, submerge yourself in the exquisite museum architecture. Take a tour of the old tanneries as you learn more about the history of their operation. Get lost in the stunning mosaics at Bou Inania and Al Attarine, two of the city’s oldest centres for Islamic learning. Truly impressive in their preservation, these captivating madrasas are just another element of your private Fes tour.

Interior of the Jewish Synagogue Ibn Danan in Fes Medina, Morocco

Jewish Heritage Tour of Fes


Gain a glimpse into an unheard perspective, as you discover the history of the Moroccan Jew. Insightful and informative, this is a private cultural tour around the Mellah, Fes’s ancient Jewish Quarter. The Mellah itself consists of residences, synagogues and several historical sites. Catch a snippet into the daily lives of this resilient population, as you uncover their heritage at the Jewish museum. Delve deeper by learning more about their ancestry at the Jewish cemetery. Your local guide is equipped with facts and anecdotes, ready to indulge your curiosity. Enjoy cultural dialogues as you dive into interfaith discussions. This is an authentic exchange, challenging misconceptions and unveiling the history of Morocco’s fascinating Jewish culture.

Day 9 - Volubilis & Meknes

Interiors shot of a home dairy food table scene shot of a moroccan family environment with plates like salad, chebakia, dates and brewat and props like water, lemon, soup bowls, cutlery and glasses.

Cooking With a Local Family in Fes or Meknes


A local Moroccan family welcomes you into their home, for an intimate cooking class full of national treats. Feast your eyes over a ready-made menu listing scrumptious dishes. Pastilla or tagine, take your pick of classic cuisine to prepare. A trip to the local market is included in your day. Venture through aisles of fresh produce, rows of colourful ingredients ready to go back with you. Return to the family home and cook magic into your meal with your fellow foodies. Enjoy an exchange of conversation, cultures and laughter, as you get to know your gracious hosts. Spoil your taste buds with this luscious feast, followed by traditional Fassi desert and marvellous mint tea.

Ruins of the roman city of Volubilis near Meknes

Volubilis and Meknes Tour from Fes


Uncover the royal history of Volubilis, an old Berber city with a grand yet rugged charm. This will be an exclusive tour of this ancient kingdom, as you learn of its heritage story from your local guide. Discover Roman ruins and sunken columns on a private exploration of lost lands. Enjoy views of Moulay Idriss Mausoleum, Morocco’s holiest Muslim site. The remarkable city gates of nearby Meknes call you into an imperial capital. Sleepy tombs and underground granaries await, beside an aging Jewish Quarter. Proud monuments and patterned mosaics with a fine touch of Versailles architecture make Meknes a delightful place to spend the afternoon.

Day 10 - Departure