What To Do In Philippines

Bucketlist Ideas for What To Do In Philippines

What to do in Philippines is all about surprise, an archipelago of splendor stretching across the lesser-visited reaches of Southeast Asia. Majestic islands are fringed by continually white sand while tiny islets offer coral excursions and marine adventure. Friendly fun-loving locals provide the welcomes, their indelible smiles a constant on any journey here. Abundant wildlife is dappled throughout rainforests and atolls, wallowing in the temperate climate of the region's forgotten gem. There's so much to discover as you create an exclusive bucketlist of moments.

Island Hopping & Private Beaches

An archipelago with more than 7000 islands, what to do in Philippines is explore the ocean. Hop to private islands on catamarans and seaplanes. Charter yachts to cruise through paradise. Escape to white sand without footprints and find bliss where few others venture.

Active Adventures Across the Philippines

Adventure beckons on volcanic islands and exotic scenes emerge when you travel off the beaten path. The Philippines is where to come when you seek an adventure without the crowds. Kayak into solitude, abseil down waterfalls, trek on active volcanoes and scuba dive at sublime sites. Adventure really comes alive here, providing the counterpoint to languid days on the beach.

Philippines Accommodation Axperiences

From hideaways on private islands to treehouses on volcanic islands, the Philippines serves up quirky and memorable places to stay. Beach resorts are quiet and boutique, ensuring lots of space to play on the sand. City hotels provide contemporary luxury, perfect for comfortable stopovers away from city bustle. Best of all are the islands, where you can wallow with very other people around.

A Unique Natural Heritage To Discover

Contrasting landscapes make for dazzling moments all across these islands. The famous Chocolate Hills dazzle from above, while World Heritage rice terraces contrast all those white-sand beaches. You can go underground, into caves with cultural memories, and along rivers that delight in their mystery. Helicopters can take you to some of Asia's most remote natural wonders while the experience beneath the ground is completely different.

More of What To Do in Philippines for Your Bucketlist

What to do in the Philippines is to not follow the crowds. With so many islands and so many possible moments, there is a piece of paradise to uncover, but maybe not from the guidebooks. New destinations are emerging all the time here and a travel designer can craft your dream itinerary, so you can connect the places and moments that few other people think exist.