What To Do In Canada

Expand Your Bucketlist - 50+ Ideas of What To Do In Canada

Walk on glaciers, spot wildlife, and sail along the coast. From the snow-capped Rocky Mountains to the wild Pacific coast, there are so many unforgettable sights and adventures to find. What to do in Canada always involves going off the beaten path, into places where few others venture.

Canada's Finest Accommodation Experiences

Slip into style when discovering the best places to stay in Canada. From wilderness cabins to remote lodges and five-star city retreats, Canada will always provide you with space. These are just a selection of places you can stay - an expert travel designer can discuss all the other possibility.

Icons of Canada

Niagara Falls dominates many visitor imaginations. Or perhaps your dreamy experience is in the Rocky Mountains, rushing down ski slopes or going in search of polar bears. Add these icons to your bucketlist and discover what to do in Canada.

Discovering Canada's Great Outdoors

Canada is the great outdoors, a landscape of rolling wilderness and very few people. It's where you can track caribou, come face to face with bears, hike and ski in places nobody else goes.

What To Do In Canada For a Dose of Culture

It's not all snow fields and big mountains. Canada also has a lot of culture to share, not least in a series of beautiful towns and cities.